Saturday, August 20, 2011

{Tutorial} Dixie Cup Light Garland!

So, it's generally very rare for me to post full tutorials created by other people, but today I'm making an exception. This is a project I did for my mom's birthday, but realized quite quickly that there wasn't anything I could do to improve upon the tutorial (especially the photography) found at The Loveliest Day. (BTW, if you're not a follower already, you should really sign up).

Before I share this incredible tutorial with you, take a look at my verision (it's to the left of my sister):

You'll note that I chose to put a cup on every other light. I thought it looked less cluttered this way.

Ok, here it is:

How to Make:

a pack of 100 Dixie Cups
scissors and an Exacto knife
scrapbook paper in desired colours
white Christmas lights (LED is best)
double sided tape (I used hot glue)
a pencil

1) Cut apart a Dixie Cup and lay flat on a piece of paper. Carefully trace the outline of the cup and make your light 'shade' cover template. You may need a few trial runs to get it right!

2) Trace your template onto your scrapbook paper (making approximately 30 - 50 light 'shade' covers like I am holding in the one photo) and cut them out.

3) Using your Exacto knife, make an X shape slit in the bottoms of the Dixie cups. Pop in each individual bulb until each light is covered with a shade. (Note: I used the screw punch from Martha Stewart instead)

5) Plug in and voila! A gorgeous DIY light garland! Be sure to keep an eye on the garland when it's plugged in if you are NOT using LED lights; they will get hot!

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