Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Formal and Fond Farewell

It's embarrassing how long I've let this hang over my head. Part of me put it off because I really did think that I was going to pick it up again, despite the 400 other responsibilities I'm juggling. Truth is, I really loved this blog. I loved the process and the satisfaction it brought. I loved the creative outlet, and the edification brought about by all you fantastic readers. In the end, however, life got away from me.

For those of you that don't know, running a blog is easily a full time job. At my most successful point I was working 20+ hours a week on the blog, on top of the 50 hour/week at the job that pays the bills. It was craziness, and my hubby missed me. Shortly after I pulled back from the blog our little family of two promised to become a little family of three. After a pretty difficult 9 months the Lord blessed us with little Kaiya Paige.

After she was born, all bets were off. There was definitely no time for crafts, and certainly not for taking pictures, editing, and writing up my projects. 

It's a sad day for me because I've finally come to terms with the fact that diyordont is a dead project for me. BUT, with one door closing, another has opened, and she's the sweetest most perfect gift I could have ever asked for <3. 

So, in conclusion, I have to thank you all for the amazing amount of support you gave me in making my dream of diyordont a successful one. I wish you all the best and invite you to happily craft on :)

And, because I can't seem to keep myself from blogging, I've started a little family blog so if you miss me, feel free to stop by and say hi:

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