Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{Totally Pinterested Tuesday} 1st Birthday Invitations!

Today's post is dedicated to my absolutely beautiful, heart-stealing, doll of a niece, Siana, who celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday. I completely adore this little girl and I'm only sad that I can't be there to help her celebrate.

Happy Birthday Little Siana Brin!!

However, just because I couldn't be there, doesn't mean I wasn't able to participate! My sister was kind enough to let me design and create her invitations (and was even sweet enough to keep from losing her mind when I took longer to finish than I had originally planned). It started off with an idea, and grew into something totally adorable...and crazy time consuming! There were SO many little pieces that had to be assembled for each invite! But, in the end, I really loved the product. Take a look:

Each one of those little photos were hand cut into heart shapes! And in case you're curious, they're pics of Siana at months 1, 3, 6 and 9. What do you guys think? I think they turned out pretty good, and my sister loved them so I'm thrilled I was able to contribute to this special event in some way.

As it's "Totally Pinterested Tuesday" I figured I'd share a couple of other cute 1st Birthday Invites I've found and pinned to my Kiddy B-Day Ideas board on pinterest.

I love these cute little boy-friendly birdy invites!
Find them on Etsy from ShutterbugSentiments

These are absoletely adorable!! You can get these cute 
western themed invites from InvitingPrintables

I'm a sucker for the circus, and these invites are perfect.
These invites are available from InvitationCrush

This giraffe is crazy cute, not to mention the little turtle! 
You can find these invites at MyExpression

If you want to see what other pins I've collected either for kid's birthday parties or for anything else:

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