Thursday, February 2, 2012

{Peeping DIYer} The (In)Sane Housewife

Yep, it's another blog series, but I'm pretty sure this one is going to be my favorite one. This series is where I get to peep through all your windows (blogs) and see what YOU'RE doing! Fun right?! Every week I'll browse around the blogs of my readers and pick a tutorial or project that I love and feature it here. Let's get started!!

My first feature here is a crazy awesome find. Joanne and Mindy from The (In)Sane Housewife have come up with a pretty great tutorial on how to make washi tape. That's right Ladies, DIY washi tape. What a great idea! The best part? All you need is scissors, double sided tape, and wrapping paper. I've totally in love. Click Here to visit their tutorial! Oh! And Joanne and Mindy are new to the blogging community so be sure to give them some love while you're there :)

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