Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Totally Pinterested Tuesday} Digital Design Freebies!

I've been up in the air as to whether or not I want to continue with the Pinterest blog series. Everybody's doing them and I generally try to be a tad original in my methodology, but in the end it fits with my goal here at DIYOD. My goal is to share cool stuff that you can either make or buy, preferably both. This blog series allows me to find cool things on Pinterest and point you to them. And let's face it, Pinterest is, hands down, the best place on the internet to find inspiration in mass quantities. It may also be the nicest place on earth ("I LOVE THIS!"), but that's another story. With this in mind, I've decided to keep my little Pinterest blog series and continue to invite you to follow me and all my awesome Pinterest boards:)

So what am I going to share with you today? I'm going to share with you some of my favorite digital freebies I found on Pinterest. Why? Because I have been harboring a dirty little secret that I'm attempting to change. I (nervous and reluctant sigh) stillusePublishertodoallmydesign! Phew. I said it. That's right ladies. I create all my wedding invites, birthday invites, and various other digital design work on Publisher. It's all I know! But the reality is, it kinda sucks. It's clunky and hard to work with, and I needed something better. Today I downloaded the free trial of Adobe's InDesign and I'm determined to learn how to use it. To get me excited and inspired as to all the new goodies I could make, I decided to stop by Pinterest to see what was good. Here are some of my favorites! (For the full list, follow my digital design board on Pinterest!)

Vintage Apothecary Bottle Labels
(source: eatdrinkchic)

Printable Recipe Cards
(source: heartmadeblog)

Super Cute Door Tags
(source: designeditor)

Ticket Place Card
(source: lovevsdesign)

Do you guys know of any other great design oriented printable sites? Please share!!! And don't forget to follow my pins on Pinterest!

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