Friday, January 13, 2012

{Friday "Food" for Thought} Your Crafting Space

So, here's what we're going to do. I'm going to pretend like it hasn't been over 3 weeks since I posted the last "I'm so sorry I've been MIA" post and you guys are going to pretend not to notice. Sound good? Great ;)

It has come to my attention that there are are a select few women out there in the world who are blessed with spaces like this where they can create their masterpieces:


and this:

But then there are those of us that aren't quite as blessed, and have to squeeze all of our supplies and our work space into a mere corner of our living space. That means organization is critical! I, myself, am lucky enough that my husband has let me have a corner of our living room (which often creeps into the WHOLE living room...and dining room... and sometimes the guest bedroom). This is what it currently looks like:

Here's the right side of the "corner":

and this is the left side:

I struggle to try and find a place for everything, especially since I collect EVERYthing. "Hun, don't throw that can away, I might use it," "Oh, you're not going to keep that wrapping paper you just tore off that gift? I might have a use for it," "Look! This is on sale! I could totally craft something with this!" It's a sickness. 

So, as my collection of supplies has grown, I need to find new and creative ways to organize my small space. In case you're also looking for some new organizational ideas, here are a few ideas I found around the big ol' net:

Use bead board and cans!
01 Get Organized: 14 Organization Station Ideas!!  

Clear out that old armoire!

Buttons and Baby Food Jars
Pinned Image

Some Simple Shelving

A Frame and Tension Rods!
Be Different...Act Normal: DIY Gift Wrapping Wall Rack

A Knife Strip!
Knife Strip

Do you have any other great ideas that'll help me re-claim my mini-craft space?! Send them my way!!
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