Monday, November 7, 2011

{Manic Monday} Weekend Craft- Crocheted Coffee Coozies

Ok, so it's been a while since I've posted about my new adventures in crocheting. For those of you who have not picked up a craft such as knitting or crocheting, allow me to inform you that the first few "projects" you attempt will be utter crap. I've spent hours working on things just to have to pull it all out for embarassement of the misshapen form, but it's all part of the process. I'm learning and I've come to find that I really enjoy it! I've learned the following things about crocheting:

1) It's the best travel craft ever. Taking a car ride? No problem. Taking a flight? Go for it! Waiting in the waiting office at the doctors office? Good thing you have that little baggie in your purse with your yarn and hook. Seriously, it's better than my Kindle!

2) It's a no-fear craft. By "no-fear" I mean you don't have to worry about making a mistake and then not being able to fix it. Unless you cut that string (and you rarely ever need to unless you've finished the project) you have infinite opportunities to get it right. What an eco-friendly craft!

3) It's hubby friendly. Most crafting happens with me at my desk and Hubs on the couch. If I'm cutting paper, sewing, painting, etc. I have to be at the desk surrounded by my many tools and supplies. With crocheting, I just need enough elbow room to move my hands which means we can sit close and semi-snuggle while watching TV or chatting.

4) It's a sllllooooowwww process. The majority of projects that I undertake usually take a couple hours or a couple evenings at the most. With crocheting, you're looking at hours, days, even weeks! It makes it hard to create things for posting as it would take weeks just to create something worth posting about but you guys are in luck today because I have something for you!

This weekend I created a couple of coffee cup coozies!

As this is my first finished project and I didn't use a pattern, I'm hesitant to even attempt to provide a "tutorial" but I will say that I started by creating a chain that wrapped just shy around the largest part of the cup like this:

From there I alternated between rows of single crochets and double crochets. Each coozie has a different combination of single and doubles so be creative and change it up! To finish it off, I went around the outside of the entire coozie with a single crochet stitch, and when I was halfway down one shirt side of the coozie I chained about 15 and then single crocheted it back to create the loop that hooks around the button.

I'm thinking these are going to make great Christmas gifts for my office mates:)

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