Thursday, November 10, 2011

{Do it Like a Pro} Working with Felt!

As you may have noticed from my post Roundup post on Tuesday, I'm really loving some of the awesome things one can do with felt! So, like any good crafter does, I jumped on Etsy to see what the Pro's are going with felt. Imagine my utter delight when I stumbled upon Cole Franke! Cole creates some of the most beautiful felt flowers I've ever seen! Take a look:

Pretty amazing huh?! Well, if sharing this wonderful find with you guys wasn't enough, Cole agreed to share a couple of her tricks of the trade! (Be sure to thank her by visiting her Etsy shop!)

Tip #1- Skip the cheap synthetic felt and go for thicker wool blend felt. The better the quality the easier it's going to be to cut, shape and manipulate when you are crafting. Wool blend felt is much sturdier so you don't have to worry about it unraveling and its available in a large variety of colors.

Tip #2- I encourage all big crafters to invest some money in a good pair of fabric cutting scissors. Especially when working with thicker felt. I spent months working with cheap scissors and when I finally made the switch I realized just how much time I was saving by using a good quality pair. And how much more detailed I could get my petals to look.

Tip #3- Practice, practice, practice! It took me months of playing with felt to develop my own crafting techniques. Have fun playing with the felt. There are so many great felt project tutorials, With quality wool felt, a good pair of scissors and a little patience you make so many felt-tastic crafts. Speaking of tutorials- Check out my fall wreath tutorial in Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Crafts Magazine on newstands now until Dec 27th.

Thank you Cole for these awesome tips! We can't wait to read your upcoming tutorial!!


Miss Alf said...

That wreath is awesome!

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Great tips. I cannot stress the scissors tip enough!

LimeRiot said...

Such lovelies!

pothys said...

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Jess- said...

Beautiful felt flowers! Yes, good scissors make all the difference!

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