Thursday, November 10, 2011

{Do it Like a Pro} Working with Felt!

As you may have noticed from my post Roundup post on Tuesday, I'm really loving some of the awesome things one can do with felt! So, like any good crafter does, I jumped on Etsy to see what the Pro's are going with felt. Imagine my utter delight when I stumbled upon Cole Franke! Cole creates some of the most beautiful felt flowers I've ever seen! Take a look:

Pretty amazing huh?! Well, if sharing this wonderful find with you guys wasn't enough, Cole agreed to share a couple of her tricks of the trade! (Be sure to thank her by visiting her Etsy shop!)

Tip #1- Skip the cheap synthetic felt and go for thicker wool blend felt. The better the quality the easier it's going to be to cut, shape and manipulate when you are crafting. Wool blend felt is much sturdier so you don't have to worry about it unraveling and its available in a large variety of colors.

Tip #2- I encourage all big crafters to invest some money in a good pair of fabric cutting scissors. Especially when working with thicker felt. I spent months working with cheap scissors and when I finally made the switch I realized just how much time I was saving by using a good quality pair. And how much more detailed I could get my petals to look.

Tip #3- Practice, practice, practice! It took me months of playing with felt to develop my own crafting techniques. Have fun playing with the felt. There are so many great felt project tutorials, With quality wool felt, a good pair of scissors and a little patience you make so many felt-tastic crafts. Speaking of tutorials- Check out my fall wreath tutorial in Better Homes & Gardens Holiday Crafts Magazine on newstands now until Dec 27th.

Thank you Cole for these awesome tips! We can't wait to read your upcoming tutorial!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{Tutorial Roundup} Felt!!

You guys know that I love paper. Shortly after I started working with it, it quickly became my favorite medium. There are just so many things that you can do with paper, It's hard not to be a fan. However, I was casually browsing around the net this weekend and I think I might have discovered a new love for... Felt! Like paper, it's super versatile, comes in lots of colors, is easy to work with, etc. So, like I always do, I want to drag you along on my "new medium" journey! I have collected some great felt tutorials along with some fantastic Etsy shops where you can find them for purchase.

Felt Fortune Cookie!

365 :: 39

WHOLESALE LOT of 20 Felt Fortune Cookies Embroidery Ribbon Cute

Felt Flowers

Felt Flower Bouquet Mixed Tutorial

Take me to the beach bouquet

Felt FOOD!

Felt cupcake delicious

French Macaron play felt food or decoration set of 4

Felt Hair Pieces

NOVEMBER SALE FLORA hairband / headband/ fascinator - felt with hand embroidery

Monday, November 7, 2011

{Manic Monday} Weekend Craft- Crocheted Coffee Coozies

Ok, so it's been a while since I've posted about my new adventures in crocheting. For those of you who have not picked up a craft such as knitting or crocheting, allow me to inform you that the first few "projects" you attempt will be utter crap. I've spent hours working on things just to have to pull it all out for embarassement of the misshapen form, but it's all part of the process. I'm learning and I've come to find that I really enjoy it! I've learned the following things about crocheting:

1) It's the best travel craft ever. Taking a car ride? No problem. Taking a flight? Go for it! Waiting in the waiting office at the doctors office? Good thing you have that little baggie in your purse with your yarn and hook. Seriously, it's better than my Kindle!

2) It's a no-fear craft. By "no-fear" I mean you don't have to worry about making a mistake and then not being able to fix it. Unless you cut that string (and you rarely ever need to unless you've finished the project) you have infinite opportunities to get it right. What an eco-friendly craft!

3) It's hubby friendly. Most crafting happens with me at my desk and Hubs on the couch. If I'm cutting paper, sewing, painting, etc. I have to be at the desk surrounded by my many tools and supplies. With crocheting, I just need enough elbow room to move my hands which means we can sit close and semi-snuggle while watching TV or chatting.

4) It's a sllllooooowwww process. The majority of projects that I undertake usually take a couple hours or a couple evenings at the most. With crocheting, you're looking at hours, days, even weeks! It makes it hard to create things for posting as it would take weeks just to create something worth posting about but you guys are in luck today because I have something for you!

This weekend I created a couple of coffee cup coozies!

As this is my first finished project and I didn't use a pattern, I'm hesitant to even attempt to provide a "tutorial" but I will say that I started by creating a chain that wrapped just shy around the largest part of the cup like this:

From there I alternated between rows of single crochets and double crochets. Each coozie has a different combination of single and doubles so be creative and change it up! To finish it off, I went around the outside of the entire coozie with a single crochet stitch, and when I was halfway down one shirt side of the coozie I chained about 15 and then single crocheted it back to create the loop that hooks around the button.

I'm thinking these are going to make great Christmas gifts for my office mates:)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

{Tutorial by Arline}- Vintage Fabric Book

Ladies, Arline has prepared quite a treat for you today. These books are just beautiful! My mother, admirer of all things lacy and vintagy, would absolutely adore these pretty little books. Just look at these sweet vintage pictures!! Arline has shared with us instructions on how to recreate this project:

How to Make

Sewing machine
Freezer paper
All types of lace
Material: dotted swiss, cheese cloth, crenoline etc
Fabric Glue
Fabric flowers
Chiffon flower strip
Rotary Cutter-optional
Self healing cutting mat-optional
Buttons, old jewelry, ribbon, seam binding

1) Cut pieces of muslin to 8 ½ x 11.
2) Take a sheet of freezer paper and iron onto the muslin. Trim close to the paper size and make sure that the muslin is free of bubbles or creases.
3) Select the image that you want to print and load your muslin sheet into the printer. Note: Do one sheet at a time so the printer will not jam
4) Print the image.
5) Use a self healing mat and rotary cutter if you have one. Cut muslin to 6x12 strips. You will need 6 panels.
6) Sew lace along all 4 sides of your panels. Take larger pieces of lace and sew to the center of the panel.. You can layer different laces, cheese cloth, dotted swiss, crenoline etc
7) Before decorating your pages, sew pages with the sewing machine at 6” down the back of the book. Each panel is 6” wide. Sew strips of chiffon flowers down the back of the book.
8) Start adding your images. Decorate around photos with bits of lace, pearls, flowers. Have fun! There is no right or wrong way to decorate this book. It is whatever you want!

Arline, you continue to amaze me with your beautiful vintage inspired projects! I'm in awe of these lovely books, thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

{Wedding Wednesday}- The Lawyer Wedding- Table Dressings

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a venue!! Kuddos to the couple for powering through this daunting (and often frustrating) task! This awesome accomplishment means we can move forward with all sorts of important details such as Save the Dates, caterers, and table decor! Ok, so table decor may not seem too important in the scheme of things, but I'm a detail person! Adding to the importance of this detail is that the tables at this venue are PICNIC tables! I'm a big fan of picnic tables, but I've been challenged with the task of keeping this event super-budget friendly so linens are most likely out of the question. So, my post today is a collection of picnic table options without linens. Here's what I found:

I'm loving these rustic tables coupled with simple checked napkins and plain white plates! Added bonus? This table has no flowers:) Lady Lawyer- I'm really digging the tinted jars on the table too! You likey?

Sweet and simple! Just a simple white table runner, I can envision some nice napkins and some plate ware on the table and this would be a pretty classy setup!

Ok, so this table is riddled with flowers, but I like the way the napkins add to the table by hanging over the edge. It may negate the need for a table runner...

Now, I'm under no illusions that we'll be sneaking cushions into the budget, but how awesome does this simple print look?

I'm still searching for additional images ladies so if you stumble upon one, please forward it on!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{Totally Pinteresting Tuesday} No-Sew Window Treatments

So here's the deal. I am in need of new window treatments in our re-done master bedroom. To start this process we did what any normal person does in these instances and reached out to a company that specializes in window treatments. Seems reasonable right? I mean, I've been to the JC Penny's curtain section enough to know about what curtains cost.

Boy, did I get a surprise! Let's just say that the quote we received was not within our budget. But, hey, they're just curtains, right? I can totally do this! First stop? Pinterest! You can find these links, along with all the other Home related DIY projects that I pin on my board Home DIY. Feel free to follow! I follow back:)

Here are some easy no-sew curtain projects that I found:

Pinned Image
I love these with the pattern and the fabric ties!

Pinned Image
No-sew grommet curtains?!? Love.

Pinned Image
I'm leaning towards this awesome no-sew option for my living room...

Pinned Image
This is no sew?! Oh yes, my friends, it is! Fabric and an cardboard box!

Pinned Image
I'm loving this sweet and simple valence.

SO many choices! And these are just the no-sew ones! Perhaps I should start by finding a fabric I love...

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