Wednesday, October 5, 2011

{Wedding Wednesday} Introducing: The Lawyer Wedding!

Ladies and Gentleman (well, mostly ladies), it's official! I am once again actively involved in the planning of a real wedding! My bestie (the future Mrs. Lawyer) asked me a couple months ago is I would be her MOH (Matron of Honor). I was, and am, crazy excited to have this awesome privilege! Additionally, I'm super excited that they've also given me permission to share the journey that is wedding planning, and all the wonderful DIY projects that come with it, with all of you guys!

Mr. Lawyer (who actually is a lawyer and has a special passion for privacy law) has asked only that I do not share their real names and that I don't provide any specifics such as exact location and date of the event. I have assured them both that this will not be a problem. As such, henceforth the couple with be represented by these cute little owls. (Why owls? Perhaps because the two of them are super smart! Or maybe just because I think these little guys are crazy cute:)

"The Lawyers"

So here's the deal. I am the MOH, but I'm also playing wedding planner. Having already gone through this process, and having a passion for all things wedding, they've allowed me to play an active and integral part in their planning process. Right now, we are in the process of picking a venue and settling on a date. This, in my opinion  is the hardest part of the whole process. You have to plan around friends and family availability (Is college in session? Is the best man in the country?) The weather (Is it too hot for an outdoor ceremony? Is there too much rain in that month?) The cost of the venue (no explanation needed here!). Yikes!

Inevitably, unless you have an infinite budget, some concessions will have to be made. Sacrifice budget for convenience or sacrifice that perfect venue for an open bar. This game goes on the entire duration of the wedding planning process.

We haven't narrowed down the venue or the date, but we have made a couple decisions!

The City: Charlottesville
It's not where they met, but it's where she attended law school and where they spent the better part of the last three years. It's a beautiful city and you'd be crazy not to fall in love with it. There is much to be seen and do here and they really want to share that "Charlotesville Experience" with their guests.

The Color Scheme: Dusty Rose, Cream, Powder Blue, Dark Brown

The Season: Summer

Decor: No Flowers! 
This could be the biggest challenge they present. They don't just not want flowers, but they don't want any flower substitutes either. That means no paper flowers, no button flowers, no. flowers. period!

The Theme: Southern Casual
(picture minus the flowers, of course)

Photo from

It's going to be a fun ride, and I can't wait to share all the bits and pieces with all of you!!

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