Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Tutorial by Janelle}- Cozy Frames

Ladies and Gentleman, allow me to introduce the next member of our Creative Team: Janelle Roberts! She comes to us from the Mid-West and, when she's not busy teaching or mothering her two young boys, shares her creativeness on her blog  The Farmers Wife in Iowa. I'm crazy excited to have her as a part of the team, and I'm completely in love with this quick and easy tutorial she's provided for us all today!

 Hello Everyone! My name is Janelle Roberts and I am The Farmer's Wife. And, yes I really am a farmer's wife. I attack the flea markets, auctions, thrift stores, dumpsters, whatever I can to find great junk to repurpose, recycle, upcycycle - you name it! I have been doing this for about ten years but business has really grown and taken off in the last 2-3 years. I do occasional sales at my home and once a year I travel to Junk Bonanza in Shakopee, MN where I get to hang out with other junkers and sell all my stuff! The picture above is from much of the Junk Bonanza publications and is even their facebook profile pic, but what most people don't is that those are my legs! That was taken on the first day of Bonanza in 2009.  Never knew my legs would be so famous!

My husband and two boys  and I live on a farm in east-central Iowa (about 20 minutes from Iowa City). I am also a full-time family and consumer sciences teacher, and for those of you that don't know what that is, it is what we used to call "home ec." I still like to call it that from time to time!  Both my mom and my grandma were also "home ec" teachers.

I am going to show how to make one of my more popular items. I have sold tons of these. They are also one of my favorite things to make because they are pretty simple...I call them "Cozy Frames."

Here are a couple from this fall ~

How to Make

- picture frames: old, new, whatever
- I get almost all of mine at Goodwill and other thrift shops
- you could also use a vintage frame/family heirloom frame

I paint the frames and distress them. (sorry, the distressing part not shown here - that could be another tutorial! :)

For Cozy Frames for the holiday season, I have gathered lots of blingy ornaments from last year's holiday collection at Target & Walmart

Close up of the *bling*

Then, the sweaters...again, I get all of these from thrift stores and I have even used some old ones of my own. You can use them as is, or wash the wool ones for a more felted look.


1) Grab your frame and find a spot on the sweater that you like...this is the creative part because sweaters have so many textures...Using the insert that came with the frame, trace it onto the sweater and cut out the it out. A great part about this is that if you cut too small by accident, you can stretch the sweater piece to fit!

2) I like to use tacky glue to glue it on to the insert. However, I also add hot glue sometimes just to keep it all in place while it dries. It can be awhile for the glue to dry on the sweater.

3) Put the sweater piece back in the frame and choose your bling!

4) Once the sweater piece is back in the frame, I glue around all the edges on the back...wish I had a picture to show you, but I forgot about the back when I was taking these pics.

You can use anything in the frame, doesn't just have to be blingy...if you in the first pictures, I just used letters that I cut from my cricut.  I think what really sets these off is the sweater design in the background. They look 'cozy' and are perfect for fall and winter decor!

Where to Buy:
If you love this project, but don't have any frames or old sweaters lying around just hop on over to Janelle's Etsy shop!

Thanks Janelle! I think this is the perfect project to incorporate into my bedroom re-do and I can't wait to try it out. 
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