Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{Totally Pinterested Tuesday} Great Halloween Projects!

Like so many of you DIYers, Halloween is my second favorite holiday (second only to Christmas!). That being said, I refused to give in to the temptation of delving into fall inspired projects until I was certain the warm summer weather was gone! I mean, why wish away a good thing?! The leaves are starting to change here in DC though, so I think I can guiltlessly jump in!

If want to follow along with my pinterest ventures you can follow my pinboards here.  If you just want to follow my Halloween board, you can do that too! Here are some of my favorite DIY projects found on Pinterest this week.

Bats Bats EVERYWHERE!! I totally love this. This is a great DIY project.
Don't want to cut out hundreds of bats all by yourself? Purchase them

Pinned Image
How fun is this idea?! Throw a couple old boots and stockings on the end of table legs! Genius! 

Having a party? Check out these awesome party ideas!

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Fun Soda labels!

Pinned Image
Great party favors!!

Pinned Image
I really want this cake at my next party. It doesn't have to be Halloween ;)

Want an alternative to traditional mushy pumpkin carving?! Check this out!

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I just love the bling on this pumpkin!

Pinned Image
What a fun way to utilize those vampire teeth!!

Pinned Image
Leave it to Martha to come up with this! 
Battery operated sting lights and you're golden!

These were my favorite DIY Halloween projects, what are some of yours?
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