Monday, October 31, 2011

{Manic Monday}- Master Bedroom Makeover Continued...

I have come to realize that this master bedroom makeover is going to be a step-by-step process dragged out over many weekends. I envy the bloggers out there that set their mind on a project and, while feeding a gaggle of needy children, maintaining a spotless household and never missing a blog post, manage to bang out an entire room renovation in a measly Saturday afternoon. That, my friends, is not me. Hell, I barely managed to do the laundry this weekend and my husband feeds me. I did, however, manage to finish one more piece of the master bedroom and I'm pretty much stoked with the results.

Before I reveal, allow me to preface the project with the statement that I fully expect the quote above our bed to mean absolutely nothing to you guys. I spent more time than I'd like to admit trying to find the perfect quote, and I couldn't find anything that really resonated, wasn't 20 words long or that seemed appropriate for above our bed. Then, out of the blue (like it usually does) it hit me!

Back when I was a child and there were the three of us girls sharing a bedroom, we had a little bedtime routine where my parents tucked us in. (I assume all parents have one of these). Here's how it originally came about:
Parent: "I love you."
Child: "I love you more."
Parent: "I love you most."
Child: "I love you most times 10!"
Parent: "I love you most times 100!"

*this goes on until someone finally said:
"I love you most infinity!"
From that point on the goal of this little routine was to be the one to say this phrase first and to add "Goodnight!" on the end because the first one to complete the whole sentence, "I love you most infinity goodnight!" was the winner. Once the winner was declared, nobody was allowed to talk until morning. Thinking back I realize that the only true winners in this game were my parents for somehow convincing us that winning at this game was worth refraining from further conversation :)

The memory of this little bedtime routine is such a fond one, I thought it was the perfect quote for above our bed (even though hubby was as confused as you all when he first read it). Here's how it turned out!:

And the best part of this project is that if next week I decide I want to change the quote, I just pull it down and switch it out! It's not on, it's just card stock that's fixed to the wall with a spray adhesive! Here's the tutorial:

How to Make

Cardstock (I used 9 sheets)
An electronic cutting machine or a pair of scissors
Spray Adhesive
Level, ruler and chalk to make sure you're fixing it to the wall straight.

1) Pick out a quote and cut out the letters using various fonts, or the same font.

note that the word "Infinity" is a different font here. 
I changed my mind halfway through:)

2) Decorate the letters! I painted the work "Most" with a blue fabric paint (it's all I had in that color) and then when it dried, put a coating of glue and then glitter over top. On the word "Goodnight" I just used glue and glitter. I left "I Love You" alone because I thought the letters were plenty fancy.

3) When dry, turn the letters upside down on some scrap paper or cardboard and then apply a coat of a spray adhesive. I used 3M's Super 77 spray adhesive.

4) Using the level and a ruler make lines where you want to place the words. I also found that using chalk to make these guidelines keeps you from having to erase pencil marks because they just rub off!

What do you guys think? Does it inspire you to stick a few words around your house? ;)

Where to Buy:
decorexpressionsThere are so many great shops out there on Etsy that have quotes and other vinyl decals you can buy. I found that I loved the selection from decorexpressions. Take a look at their shop here.


EvA. . . said...

love this, so cute :)

AFerr said...

Is this easy to remove from your wall afterward?

Sarah M. said...

@Aferr- I have found that it's really easy to remove! If it ever gets sticky I just use a sponge and warm water. It's also important to note that my walls have paint with an eggshell finish.


Jordie Nilla said...

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