Monday, October 17, 2011

{Manic Monday}- Cutest Fabrics EVER!!

I spent this weekend partying like a rock star at one of the most amazing weddings I've ever attended (not that I doubted for a minute that these two could throw a rocking party, I mean, we did attend Cornell Hotel School together:)  While it was the first Jewish wedding I've ever attended I do hope it won't be my last because I found the whole thing to be just lovely. From the sunset ceremony, to the chair dance (the Hora) I was so totally in love with the tradition of it all. The fact that we got to stare at a gorgeous couple all night didn't hurt the evening any either:) But the main thing that I walked away with was the sudden realization that... I needed to start making baby gifts for the new year! I mean, let's face it, first comes marriage, but then comes BABIES!!!

So here's the deal. When people have babies, I make baby blankets. It's what my mother did, it's what I now do. I still have my baby blanket from back in 19-- Oh! It almost slipped!! Let's just say, I have a lovingly used baby blanket that's waiting to be passed on from more than couple decades back. Here it is!

 I've watched my mother make tons of baby blankets over the years and now that I'm the one with friends having babies, I've continued the tradition. Of course, my first mission is to find super cute fabrics, and since I've been on this mission a number of times before, I knew just where I wanted to go and I thought I'd share with you guys my favorite cute fabric haunts!

This was the first site I fell in love with. It was the site that made me realize that there was more to the nursery fabric designs than Joann Fabrics could provide.

Kids Pastel BirdsHeart Trees & Birds Fabric
Pink Pagoda ToileLight Blue Argyle

Just when you thought fabrics couldn't get any cuter, Lark Cottons made it happen. I wish they had a frequent shopper program...

Image of Alphonse and Mona, SpiceImage of Bird Houses, Spring
Image of Haybale, CreamImage of Chaplin, Cream Sage

Here's a little secret about me: I'm a closet environmentalist! I spend a little extra on environmentally friendly cleaners and laundry detergent, I buy organic makeup and I use biodegradable doggy bags to clean up my pooch's poop. I can only imagine the health nut mom I'll someday be, but for now, I try and use bamboo batting and (on occasion) fabrics to make my baby quilts. When I do, this is one of my favorite shops. All their fabric is organic!


Good online fabric retailers online are hard to find, do you guys have any recommendations or favorite sites for baby fabrics? Prints are important, but quality and soft textures are also a must!
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