Monday, October 10, 2011

{DIY Home Adventures} The Master Bedroom... Before

I'd like everyone who enjoys the process of interior painting to raise their hand. Now I'd like everyone with their hands raised to slap themselves Gibb's style (tehe, if you got that reference you got that you just earned back points for being an NCIS fan). Painting is such a loooooong arduous process. It's a total time suck! I spent this whole weekend painting our room, and now it's Monday. But one thing I can say, a little paint goes a long way toward changing the look/mood of a room!

A year and a half ago Hubs and I bought a condo and moved in right in the middle of planning our wedding. Needless to say we barely even unpacked until after the wedding 4 months later. We've slowly started tackling the house since then.

John tiled the kitchen:

And then we painted the living areas (see last week's post for pictures of that):

And finally, when I could not put it off any longer, we had to move onto the bedrooms. I decided that I wanted to start with the master bedroom, because that's where I spend a lot of my time. I HATED the tawney brown colors of all the walls that came with the condo. See for yourself here in the before pics:

I knew that I wanted fresh and calming colors with an accent wall. I also knew I wanted shades of blue/green. So, in the end I went with these colors:

Believe me when I tell you that they look a LOT different on the walls. For one, the lighter color on the right is not white. It's more of an aqua green. And the one on the left looks like an electric blue here in the picture, but in reality it's a dark teal color.

This is where I should be sharing the "After" pictures, but I can't. I can't because I haven't finished putting the room back together:( I will tell you though, that these are some ideas I'm incorporating in the finished product:

A quote above the bed:

Pinned Image

Shelving (because there's obviously no more space on the bookshelves:)

Pinned Image

Possible window treatments?

Roller Blinds Window Coverings Louvolite Bedroom Design Ideas

And the grand finale? This, hanging in the center of the room, which just happens to be above the bed:

And it just so happens that the author of this blog tells you how she made it herself!! I found it here.

So, now you know what I spent my entire weekend doing, what did you do?!
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