Monday, October 31, 2011

{Manic Monday}- Master Bedroom Makeover Continued...

I have come to realize that this master bedroom makeover is going to be a step-by-step process dragged out over many weekends. I envy the bloggers out there that set their mind on a project and, while feeding a gaggle of needy children, maintaining a spotless household and never missing a blog post, manage to bang out an entire room renovation in a measly Saturday afternoon. That, my friends, is not me. Hell, I barely managed to do the laundry this weekend and my husband feeds me. I did, however, manage to finish one more piece of the master bedroom and I'm pretty much stoked with the results.

Before I reveal, allow me to preface the project with the statement that I fully expect the quote above our bed to mean absolutely nothing to you guys. I spent more time than I'd like to admit trying to find the perfect quote, and I couldn't find anything that really resonated, wasn't 20 words long or that seemed appropriate for above our bed. Then, out of the blue (like it usually does) it hit me!

Back when I was a child and there were the three of us girls sharing a bedroom, we had a little bedtime routine where my parents tucked us in. (I assume all parents have one of these). Here's how it originally came about:
Parent: "I love you."
Child: "I love you more."
Parent: "I love you most."
Child: "I love you most times 10!"
Parent: "I love you most times 100!"

*this goes on until someone finally said:
"I love you most infinity!"
From that point on the goal of this little routine was to be the one to say this phrase first and to add "Goodnight!" on the end because the first one to complete the whole sentence, "I love you most infinity goodnight!" was the winner. Once the winner was declared, nobody was allowed to talk until morning. Thinking back I realize that the only true winners in this game were my parents for somehow convincing us that winning at this game was worth refraining from further conversation :)

The memory of this little bedtime routine is such a fond one, I thought it was the perfect quote for above our bed (even though hubby was as confused as you all when he first read it). Here's how it turned out!:

And the best part of this project is that if next week I decide I want to change the quote, I just pull it down and switch it out! It's not on, it's just card stock that's fixed to the wall with a spray adhesive! Here's the tutorial:

How to Make

Cardstock (I used 9 sheets)
An electronic cutting machine or a pair of scissors
Spray Adhesive
Level, ruler and chalk to make sure you're fixing it to the wall straight.

1) Pick out a quote and cut out the letters using various fonts, or the same font.

note that the word "Infinity" is a different font here. 
I changed my mind halfway through:)

2) Decorate the letters! I painted the work "Most" with a blue fabric paint (it's all I had in that color) and then when it dried, put a coating of glue and then glitter over top. On the word "Goodnight" I just used glue and glitter. I left "I Love You" alone because I thought the letters were plenty fancy.

3) When dry, turn the letters upside down on some scrap paper or cardboard and then apply a coat of a spray adhesive. I used 3M's Super 77 spray adhesive.

4) Using the level and a ruler make lines where you want to place the words. I also found that using chalk to make these guidelines keeps you from having to erase pencil marks because they just rub off!

What do you guys think? Does it inspire you to stick a few words around your house? ;)

Where to Buy:
decorexpressionsThere are so many great shops out there on Etsy that have quotes and other vinyl decals you can buy. I found that I loved the selection from decorexpressions. Take a look at their shop here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

{Wedding Wednesday} The Lawyer Wedding - Cake Centerpieces?

It's my 100th post!! How crazy is that?! And how better to spend it than on wedding brainstorming?!?

So, remember that no-flower rule? Well, I was pretty sure it was going to be a major obstacle when it came to centerpieces. All my favorite ideas incorporated some sort of flower accent! But, it turns out that Ms. Lawyer had already figured that part out! She wants cakes. Cakes!! I would NEVER have thought of putting cakes on the tables, but it's actually kinda perfect! Surprisingly though, I wasn't able to find many examples that we're super formal or floral, but I did find a few. Here are some examples of this cute idea:

This couple used cakes photo 2998220-5

Pinned Image

Picture of Mini Chocolate Cake Centerpieces Recipe


Phew! Ok, maybe I found more than I thought :) My favorite (considering this is a low-key, outdoor, summer wedding) is the second one from the bottom here. Yes, the chocolate one (duh). I like how there is variety, and height variations in the display. 

What do you ladies think? Which is your favorite? Do you know of any other examples? I'd love to see what else is out there!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{Totally Pinterested Tuesday}- DIY Craft Supply Recipes!

If you ladies are anything like I am, you can walk into a craft store and walk out 15 minutes later with a $100 worth of supplies, easy. There is just something so exciting about all those raw materials just begging to be something greater! But how often do we actually have that luxury of going into the craft store and dropping $100? Not. too. often. So, I decided that I would help all our pockets by searching Pinterest for some of the best DIY craft supply tutorials! You can find these posted (along with TONS of other favorite diy projects) on my Pinterest Board: Potential DIY Projects. Should you care to follow me, I'll follow back!

DIY Puffy Paint
I'm not going to lie, I'm kinda super excited about diy puff paint...

Pinned Image
DIY info provided by

Mod Podge
That's right, there IS a cheaper way to craft your life away! This recipe will save you some serious dough!

Pinned Image
Another Fantastic Recipie at Remodel This House

DIY Labels
These could come in super handy! So wonderfully simple you'll wonder why you didn't think of it ages ago!!

DIY instructions provided by

DIY Chalkboard Paint
I've got the perfect place in my kitchen to try this out...

Pinned Image
Recipe from

DIY Natural Furniture Polish
This may not be a crafting supply, but since I craft on a wooden table top, I often have to oil it down, I thought it might apply to some of you as well:)

Pinned Image
DIY recipe from

DIY Brush Cleaner
I could seriously use some of this to prolong the life of the brushes I use with my mod podge!!

Pinned Image
Recipe from

I hope these recipes will save you guys some extra cash in the coming holiday months when we're all frantically crafting our hearts out! 

Do you guys have any favorite DIY craft supply recipes? If so, I'd love to hear them!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the next member on our design team! I'm super thrilled to have Joan because she is a genius with paper! I'm so excited about the project she has for you today! Before I turn it over to her, I want to share with you the introduction that she wrote about herself:

My name is Joan, and I’m 43 years old. I live in Puerto Rico with my husband Miguel and my three “gilrs”. Two cats named Cremora and Merengue and one African Grey parrot named Lola. I have a full time job in the Accounting area and this hobby is my stress relief . I am so happy to be selected as part of the Do it Yourself or Not Creative Team Member. I was introduced to this fabulous world on 2006 when a friend invited me to a Creative Memories Party but it wasn’t until 2007 that I started making cards and stamping and since then I hardly make scrapbook anymore. I have a passion for this hobby and love to learn new techniques and work with different materials and textures. I love to work with bright colors and love to paper piece and add layers and texture to my images and cards. I love to make my own embellishments and find new and creative ways to use the things I have in my stash. You can find more about my work visiting me at my blog

Now, without further interruption, I pass you over to Joan! *******


I am so glad to be here sharing with you a little of what I have been learning for the past few months.  Today, I want to share a Pop Up card tutorial.  For this card I used a digital stamp from Stretch & Bubbles name Trees with Bird Digital Stamp.  Honestly, I love digital stamps fro this type of cards since you can easily manipulate the image and create a mirror effect of it.  

I have wanted to make this as a video tutorial, but I’m still in the process of learning how to edit my videos so instead I took tons of photos of my work in process in an effort to show you my creative process.  I hope you like this card and hopefully learn how to make one of your own.

Step 1 – Making the Pop Up base:

Using Photoshop or other similar program, draw a card base slightly smaller than your actual card base.  For example, if you’re making an A2 card, the rectangle you will draw should not be larger than 4” X 5.25”.  Open your digital stamp and align the image on the top of your rectangle, making sure that the image fits inside it.  Once you are satisfied with your Pop Up base, merge the two layers and duplicate it.  Flip horizontally the second layer so it looks like a mirror image of the first one.  See that my two images are "looking" each other.

Steps 2 to 6:
(2) Print your image.  (3) If you wish, print the tree on two different DP cardstocks to add interest and color.  You can skip this part and simply color your image with your markers or preferred medium.  (4 &5) Cut both images.  They should be in a mirror effect so you can glue them together and have a two side effect.  See photo (6).

Steps 7 to 10:

(7) For my card I made a mask out of copy paper to be able to stamp a wood grain background on the tree trunk.  (8-10) I sponged brown ink on the tree trunk keeping the mask to avoid staining the Pop Up base.

Steps 11-13:

(11-13) Cut the two trees printed on DP paper and divide each section.  Glue the sections to the Pop Up base alternating the prints to create interest and dimension.

Step 14:

Decorate the image making sure that both are finish and looks alike.  For this card I used acrylic paint, India Ink from Faber Castell, water coloring pencils, black pen, zig zag stitch stamp and clear glaze to seal the image.

Steps 15-18:

(15) Prepare your card base. (16) Glue the opposite sides of the image together (like the step #6).   only on the image part.  (17) Then glue both pop up bases to the card base making sure they are aligned.  (18) Your image will Pop Out once your card is opened. 

If you want to see more detailed photos of the finished card, please visit me at my blog >>Mi Rincon de Papel<< where I will have a little blog candy for those who leaves me a comment.

Have a great day!!!

Thank you Joan, for such a fun project! I love the idea of pop-up cards! Make sure you stop by her blog and leave a comment to enter her fun giveaway!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{Wedding Wednesday} The Lawyer Wedding - Save The Dates

Well, to my knowledge, there has not been an official date set, and they still don't have a venue nailed down, but it's not too early to start thinking about Save the Dates! Fortunately, this is one area in which the bride has been  pretty definitive about what she wants. Mr. Lawyer and Ms. Lawyer (Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, It's official! She passed the bar!!) have been together for 6 years now, and they've been through a lot together, so she's hoping to share a little bit about their story with their guests in the form of a relationship timeline. I'm pretty much in love with this idea so I've dug up a few examples floating around out there. Here's what I've got:

{first seen on}

{courtesy of}

Which one is your favorite? I think I like the sketched one from Momental Designs, but I'm also a pretty big fan of the black one from Minna Designs. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{Totally Pinterested Tuesday}- Book Page Crafts!

I've always had an obsession with reading and books. Back when I was a young adult my nose was always in a book. I've actually had family members tell me that they weren't sure I had a face until I was 18 years old. When I was in college, though I would eat animal crackers and apples for dinner to save money, I was always at the book store. I LOVE books.

These days, I rely on technology to give me my book fix. I use to allow me to "read" while in the gym, doing laundry, or commuting and I use my kindle when I can snuggle in for a good long read. For someone who's such a reader, some think it's pure blasphemy to give up the genuine article, but aside from convenience I have a pretty valid reason. I have no more room!! I have three great big bookcases, and I STILL have to stack books on top! I'm a good sharer, and have "lost" a number of books through friends, but it's hardly noticeable.

I'll never read many of them again (including my old Business Law book from undergrad) so I'm thinking I should recycle them... into awesome projects! Today on "Totally Pinterested Tuesday" I'm sharing with you some of my favorite book page crafts, which I've pinned to my "Re-purpose This" board. (If you'd like a couple more projects, I posted 4 more on one of my very first posts, Earth Day Dare #1).

Talk about shabby chic! This is wonderful. If I had a reading nook, I'd line the walls with pages from old Shakespeare books...

Pinned Image

I am in awe of the vintage feel of this art. Such a wonderfully simple yet striking project!

Pinned Image

BUY it Here!
Hot Air Balloon- Print on Book Page-  6x9

This project is on jars, but little votives would be cute too. I also love the little map. An old atlas would be a great book to use!

Pinned Image

BUY it Here!
Sold by pemberleyhill

Pride & Prejudice Glass Votives (set of 3)

There are no words to describe how beautiful I think this is.

Pinned Image

How simple and sweet! 

Pinned Image
BUY it Here!

Mixed Book Page Table Lamp - Paper Lantern Light

O.M.G. this is so AMAZING. I'd never be able to DIY this, but I would love to have one on my shelf!

Pinned Image

BUY it Here!

Book Sculpture Paper Sculpture Story comes to life

Do any of you have a favorite book page project you'd like to share with me?!

Also, don't forget to follow me on Pinterest! Remember, I follow back!

Monday, October 17, 2011

{Manic Monday}- Cutest Fabrics EVER!!

I spent this weekend partying like a rock star at one of the most amazing weddings I've ever attended (not that I doubted for a minute that these two could throw a rocking party, I mean, we did attend Cornell Hotel School together:)  While it was the first Jewish wedding I've ever attended I do hope it won't be my last because I found the whole thing to be just lovely. From the sunset ceremony, to the chair dance (the Hora) I was so totally in love with the tradition of it all. The fact that we got to stare at a gorgeous couple all night didn't hurt the evening any either:) But the main thing that I walked away with was the sudden realization that... I needed to start making baby gifts for the new year! I mean, let's face it, first comes marriage, but then comes BABIES!!!

So here's the deal. When people have babies, I make baby blankets. It's what my mother did, it's what I now do. I still have my baby blanket from back in 19-- Oh! It almost slipped!! Let's just say, I have a lovingly used baby blanket that's waiting to be passed on from more than couple decades back. Here it is!

 I've watched my mother make tons of baby blankets over the years and now that I'm the one with friends having babies, I've continued the tradition. Of course, my first mission is to find super cute fabrics, and since I've been on this mission a number of times before, I knew just where I wanted to go and I thought I'd share with you guys my favorite cute fabric haunts!

This was the first site I fell in love with. It was the site that made me realize that there was more to the nursery fabric designs than Joann Fabrics could provide.

Kids Pastel BirdsHeart Trees & Birds Fabric
Pink Pagoda ToileLight Blue Argyle

Just when you thought fabrics couldn't get any cuter, Lark Cottons made it happen. I wish they had a frequent shopper program...

Image of Alphonse and Mona, SpiceImage of Bird Houses, Spring
Image of Haybale, CreamImage of Chaplin, Cream Sage

Here's a little secret about me: I'm a closet environmentalist! I spend a little extra on environmentally friendly cleaners and laundry detergent, I buy organic makeup and I use biodegradable doggy bags to clean up my pooch's poop. I can only imagine the health nut mom I'll someday be, but for now, I try and use bamboo batting and (on occasion) fabrics to make my baby quilts. When I do, this is one of my favorite shops. All their fabric is organic!


Good online fabric retailers online are hard to find, do you guys have any recommendations or favorite sites for baby fabrics? Prints are important, but quality and soft textures are also a must!
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