Sunday, September 18, 2011

{Tutorial} DIY Colored Poster-board!

For the past week or so I've been eyeball-deep in the planning of a charity golf tournament for our company. While I know nothing about golf, and I've never organized an event like this before I somehow ended up as the point person for the event and it's been an awesome learning experience. The event is for a great cause (net proceeds go to Miriam's Kitchen)  and I'm determined to make it a success!

While most of the organizing of the event included creating player rosters, coordination with the venue, collecting tickets sales, and delegating day-of responsibilities to volunteers I was, of course, determined to impart a small amount of DIY creativity. We had about 8 companies that really came through for the event, and those vendors are known as sponsors. Each sponsor receives recognition in the form of a sign with their logo at a hole. Sure, I could have just used some sharpies and poster-board, but that would be too easy! Instead, I used tissue paper and poster-board! The results are pretty awesome.

Here's how I did it:

1) Put down a drop cloth or garbage bag and place the poster-board on it. The spray adhesive can make everything in your area sticky so you'll want to protect your work space.

2) Spray poster-board with adhesive. I used Elmers "Craft Bond". I just sprayed around the edges and a light mist in the middle. 

3) Lightly lay tissue paper over the poster-board and smooth out. If it bubbles or wrinkles, you can just pull up the tissue paper and smooth out again.

4) Flip the poster-board over. We're now going to fold over and secure the paper that's hanging over the edge. Spray the adhesive along the back boarder and fold the paper edges over and smooth over adhesive. That's it! Colored poster-board!!

I see this little trick coming in handy when those science-fair days come along:)
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