Thursday, September 8, 2011

{Roundup} Chandeliers!

I had randomly mentioned to my Hubby a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to move our bedroom into the master bedroom (I know that sounds odd but when we had originally bought the place we put ourselves in the guest room because my younger sister was living with us and we wanted her to be able to have her own space. The master bedroom was all the way to the back of the condo and had it's own bathroom so it made sense). Well, this casual mention was apparently taken to heart because I came home one day from work and he'd made the switch! What an awesome surprise to come home to; I got what I wanted and didn't even have to lift a finger for it!

However, now that we have relocated to the master bedroom, I've realized that the bedrooms are the only two remaining rooms that have not been redone since we purchased. My mind hasn't shut off since. The trouble is, I'm not sure what ideas I want for our room, and what ideas I want for the guest room. I love gray walls. Guest or Master? I love ruffles. Guest or Master? I must have a stenciled accent wall. Guest or Master?

Sure, you're thinking: "Why don't you do it in both?" Well, because I want the rooms to have two different looks... and because I want to have the opportunity to piece together two rooms instead of just one:)

The one thing I know for sure is that I want to hang something pretty above our bed. Not on the wall, but ABOVE our bed. There are so many cute ideas, and I've been pinning my heart out! I'm so inspired by all the wonderful tutorials out there, I may need to make one for every room! Here are some of my favorites:

Paper Chandelier
I've seen examples of these in scrapbook paper, book pages, white printing paper, etc. Some are cut into butterfly shapes, some are hearts, some starts and other just plain circles. With so many choices, I wonder how I have not yet made one! 
Here's a thought, what about creating one using greeting cards that you've received ? I've kept nearly every card I've ever received (not joking). That's a lot memories hanging over the bed!

(Note the tutorial is also provided by the woman who sells the kit!)

Vellum Chandelier
I love vellum. I love the thought of printing pictures on vellum and then cutting it into circles and creating a mobile. I love the idea of painting the circles (would watercolors work?!). I love the way it looks back-lit. Just love it.


{Pottery Barn}

Bubble Chandelier 
Words can not express how much I love these works of art. I'm pretty sure I don't have the delicate touch necessary to create one, but they sure would look amazing over my bed!



Beaded Chandelier
Is it strange that I like the dollar store one better than the $100 one?!



Do any of you know of any DIY ideas I could hang above my bed?!
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