Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{DIY Home Adventures} "Home Accents"

{All items in this picture are from potterybarn.com}

I'm crafty, sure, but when it comes to decking out my home with knickknacks (who made up that word anyway?) and decorative tchotchke's (again, really?) I'm at a loss. Seriously. I walk into my sister's house and am awed by her ability to incorporate "things" into her decor. She has candle sticks, vases, accent shelving, even wall decor with words like "Love" and "Laugh." I'm blown away by this. Once I even asked her where she acquired such things. I know what you're thinking. "Really?! She's so stunted in her ability to decorate that she can't think of a single place to buy a set of glass mosaic candle sticks?" The answer is Yes. Thankfully my sister gracefully answered in a sweet, non-condescending way, "Ross." Interesting, I thought.

The topic stuck with me and the next time I found myself in the vicinity of a Ross-esq store, I entered with every intention of purchasing an armful of random wooden African animal figurines, asymmetrical shaped bowl-like containers to fill with stale poppori and maybe even a great big glass ball for, I really have no idea. I walked straight to the back where, not surprisingly, they had all this and more. Twenty minutes later... I walked out with a cute little earring rack that I'm going to flip upside down and make a chandelier out of.

What's wrong with me?! Clearly there is something wrong with my X chromosome if I can't properly "accent" my home! (I have since learned that the term is not "knickknacks" but "Home Accents") When the extent of one's ability to decorate includes painting and hanging pre-framed pictures of the Eiffel tower (we have about 5 of them throughout the house), there is a problem.

I stewed about this for a couple days. I looked all over the internet trying to find ideas for things that I could picture sitting around my house. AH! I just couldn't imagine having all this stuff randomly sitting around on my counters, entertainment center, desk, dresser, etc. So, I do what all woman do when they're at their wits' end (and not a moment before). They ask their husband's opinion.

He said: "Honey, that's not our style. We're functional people."

He's right. With very few exceptions (mostly pictures) everything we have around has an obvious purpose; whether it's the bar shaker and muddler on the bar, or the basket of remotes and coasters on the end tables, everything has a purpose. See for yourself!

I think I'd like to incorporate a few more "home accents" around the house, but at least now I know they should also be functional! I'm thinking candle sticks, mirrors, and shelves? Do any of you have a couple suggestions? What's your style? Are you the opposite and overflowing with "accents?" What's your favorite decor item?

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