Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{Challenge & Giveaway!} Easter Lily Backdrop

How many of you have seen and fallen in love with this backdrop from BHLDN?

And how many of you nearly passed out at the price tag?! I mean, $1,800?! How many of you at that point said you could do it yourself? Well, you're right! And I did. The hardest part were the Easter Lily's because there wasn't a realistic looking tutorial out there already so I had to create one. The next hardest part was actually taking the 15 hours to cut and assemble. Now that I'm finished however, I want to share!

It's not identical, but that's because I added some pink, and spread out the flowers a bit more. If, however, you're looking for an closer replica, all the pieces are here to do that.Just remove the pink and add more buds!

Here's the deal (just like with the paper rose): I will happily post my the tutorial in exchange for some reader love! When I hit 700 followers I will post a full tutorial including step by step instructions, the .studio files and PDF templates. I know what you're thinking here, why am I so stingy? I promise I'm not! Everything on my blog is free, and I try and provide you guys with lots of awesome templates and tutorials, all I'm looking for in return is your "follow." It's free, and if you find that after you get the tutorial you hate my blog, it's easy to cut me loose! 

In addition! Anybody that 1) leaves me a comment telling me that they're a follower, 2) follows me on facebook or twitter and leaves a comment telling me they did so, or 3) comments with a link back to a reblog about the giveaway will be entered to win the one I made! What do you think?

Not convinced? Take a closer look :)

So spread the word! Tell your friends, co-workers, family and fellow blog lovers to hurry up and follow because I can't wait to share the details of this project!!
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