Tuesday, September 27, 2011

{DIY Home Adventures} "Home Accents"

{All items in this picture are from potterybarn.com}

I'm crafty, sure, but when it comes to decking out my home with knickknacks (who made up that word anyway?) and decorative tchotchke's (again, really?) I'm at a loss. Seriously. I walk into my sister's house and am awed by her ability to incorporate "things" into her decor. She has candle sticks, vases, accent shelving, even wall decor with words like "Love" and "Laugh." I'm blown away by this. Once I even asked her where she acquired such things. I know what you're thinking. "Really?! She's so stunted in her ability to decorate that she can't think of a single place to buy a set of glass mosaic candle sticks?" The answer is Yes. Thankfully my sister gracefully answered in a sweet, non-condescending way, "Ross." Interesting, I thought.

The topic stuck with me and the next time I found myself in the vicinity of a Ross-esq store, I entered with every intention of purchasing an armful of random wooden African animal figurines, asymmetrical shaped bowl-like containers to fill with stale poppori and maybe even a great big glass ball for, I really have no idea. I walked straight to the back where, not surprisingly, they had all this and more. Twenty minutes later... I walked out with a cute little earring rack that I'm going to flip upside down and make a chandelier out of.

What's wrong with me?! Clearly there is something wrong with my X chromosome if I can't properly "accent" my home! (I have since learned that the term is not "knickknacks" but "Home Accents") When the extent of one's ability to decorate includes painting and hanging pre-framed pictures of the Eiffel tower (we have about 5 of them throughout the house), there is a problem.

I stewed about this for a couple days. I looked all over the internet trying to find ideas for things that I could picture sitting around my house. AH! I just couldn't imagine having all this stuff randomly sitting around on my counters, entertainment center, desk, dresser, etc. So, I do what all woman do when they're at their wits' end (and not a moment before). They ask their husband's opinion.

He said: "Honey, that's not our style. We're functional people."

He's right. With very few exceptions (mostly pictures) everything we have around has an obvious purpose; whether it's the bar shaker and muddler on the bar, or the basket of remotes and coasters on the end tables, everything has a purpose. See for yourself!

I think I'd like to incorporate a few more "home accents" around the house, but at least now I know they should also be functional! I'm thinking candle sticks, mirrors, and shelves? Do any of you have a couple suggestions? What's your style? Are you the opposite and overflowing with "accents?" What's your favorite decor item?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

{Tutorial} 3-D Style Glasses

Yikes! It's been over a week since the last time I posted! That hasn't happened since I launched the blog in April!! I feel terribly about it, less because I think I'm disappointing you guys (because let's face it, you guys aren't sitting around waiting for me to create a new post) but because it demonstrates a true inability to juggle all the things in my life with any effectiveness. I have a habit of biting off more in life than I can chew sometimes. That being said, there is a saving grace here, I did continued to craft:)

Today's tutorial tickles me. I love this project, though when I excitedly showed it off at my birthday dinner, nobody else seemed as excited as I did. I don't care. I love them. I first saw the idea on a wedding posted on 100 Layer Cake. This couple took a bunch of 3-D glasses, covered them with paper and used them as part of their table setting. Guests had a ball with them.

I loved these little things so much, I had to re-create them. First I looked into seeing how much it would be just to buy the 3-d glasses and cover them in paper like this couple did. I found some on rainbowsymphonystore.com that were about .40 cents each, not bad. Then I figured, if I'm going to cover them with paper anyways, it might just be easier to start from scratch. I was able to find a template for DIY glasses on NASA.gov (not kidding). I used the template to create a pattern for my Silhouette, then realized I had total freedom to choose the color lenses that I wanted. I went with pink (a little play on "rose colored glasses"). Here's how I assembled them:

How to Make

1 piece of cardstock (I used white, but you can use any color)
8.5" x 11" piece of kraft paper
Mod Podge
Acetate sheet in color of you choice (available at any art store, including online ones)
Template- PDF File Here or Silhouette File Here (silhouette template makes 2 sets)

1) Use the template to cut out the pieces for 1 set of glasses on the cardstock, and another on the kraft paper.

2) Using your Mod Podge piece together the glasses in the cardstock. I've found that the best way to do this is to glue the side pieces to the front piece in like the below picture (the "glue tab" is toward the front of the glasses. Since we'll be putting the kraft paper over the front of the glasses, you won't be able to see the tabs).

3) Cover the outside of the "side pieces" with Mod Podge and glue on the kraft paper side pieces. Your glasses should look like this:

4) Cut out 2 squares from your acetate for lenses. I just layed the sheet over the glasses and marked the sheet  with a sharpie in the areas I wanted to cut. Use the Mod Podge to glue to the front of the glasses. It'll look like this:

5) Cover the entire front of the glasses with Mod Podge and glue on the front of your glasses (since there are slight differences in right and left sides of the template, I recommend laying the kraft paper on top before you glue it so that you know which way should be facing out). 

If you want, you can stop here! They are ready for wear. I, however, had a hard time not decking it out, so I kept going. I used adhesive jewels to make it pretty, then I made the hubby wear them for a pic (doesn't he look thrilled?!)

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

{Tutorial} DIY Colored Poster-board!

For the past week or so I've been eyeball-deep in the planning of a charity golf tournament for our company. While I know nothing about golf, and I've never organized an event like this before I somehow ended up as the point person for the event and it's been an awesome learning experience. The event is for a great cause (net proceeds go to Miriam's Kitchen)  and I'm determined to make it a success!

While most of the organizing of the event included creating player rosters, coordination with the venue, collecting tickets sales, and delegating day-of responsibilities to volunteers I was, of course, determined to impart a small amount of DIY creativity. We had about 8 companies that really came through for the event, and those vendors are known as sponsors. Each sponsor receives recognition in the form of a sign with their logo at a hole. Sure, I could have just used some sharpies and poster-board, but that would be too easy! Instead, I used tissue paper and poster-board! The results are pretty awesome.

Here's how I did it:

1) Put down a drop cloth or garbage bag and place the poster-board on it. The spray adhesive can make everything in your area sticky so you'll want to protect your work space.

2) Spray poster-board with adhesive. I used Elmers "Craft Bond". I just sprayed around the edges and a light mist in the middle. 

3) Lightly lay tissue paper over the poster-board and smooth out. If it bubbles or wrinkles, you can just pull up the tissue paper and smooth out again.

4) Flip the poster-board over. We're now going to fold over and secure the paper that's hanging over the edge. Spray the adhesive along the back boarder and fold the paper edges over and smooth over adhesive. That's it! Colored poster-board!!

I see this little trick coming in handy when those science-fair days come along:)
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{DIYOD Wedding Wednesday} Teacups!!

By now you guys know I'm a sucker for a lot of things: lace, ruffles, burlap, and ribbon, just to name a few. But there is one that I've never shared with you before, and I figured Wedding Wednesday was as good a day as any. Ladies, allow me to introduce you to another of my obsessions... Teacups!! So dainty, and delicate, and well, everything the girly side of me wants to be :) Here are a few of my favorite wedding teacup projects.

Teacup Candles
I don't exactly have many of these beauties lying around but if I did, I would most definitely do this with them! How pretty would these be as a part of your wedding setup or (if you had a lot of them) as wedding favors!?

This is an awesome tutorial provided by Martha Stewart and found on Weddingbee.

These cute candles can be purchased from Ecram1 in a variety of scents!

Teacup Cake Stand
I tried like CRAAZY to find a place with DIY instructions for these cake stands but couldn't find one, but how CUTE are they?! I'm thinking you drill holes in plates and use an old thrifted cake stand, take it apart, and use the metal centers to assemble. But, it may not actually be that easy:) If you're not up for experimenting, highteaforalice has them for sale in her shop and they're darling!

Teacup Cake Topper
One word for this project: Precious!

DIY instructions provided by The Ardent Sparrow

Teacup Cupcakes!!
Um...Yum!! What a cute way to dress up a cupcake presentation! No tutorial needed, just bake and drop inside. I. Love. This!!

{pic credits}

P.S. Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway! Enter to win the Easter Lily Backdrop!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{Challenge & Giveaway!} Easter Lily Backdrop

How many of you have seen and fallen in love with this backdrop from BHLDN?

And how many of you nearly passed out at the price tag?! I mean, $1,800?! How many of you at that point said you could do it yourself? Well, you're right! And I did. The hardest part were the Easter Lily's because there wasn't a realistic looking tutorial out there already so I had to create one. The next hardest part was actually taking the 15 hours to cut and assemble. Now that I'm finished however, I want to share!

It's not identical, but that's because I added some pink, and spread out the flowers a bit more. If, however, you're looking for an closer replica, all the pieces are here to do that.Just remove the pink and add more buds!

Here's the deal (just like with the paper rose): I will happily post my the tutorial in exchange for some reader love! When I hit 700 followers I will post a full tutorial including step by step instructions, the .studio files and PDF templates. I know what you're thinking here, why am I so stingy? I promise I'm not! Everything on my blog is free, and I try and provide you guys with lots of awesome templates and tutorials, all I'm looking for in return is your "follow." It's free, and if you find that after you get the tutorial you hate my blog, it's easy to cut me loose! 

In addition! Anybody that 1) leaves me a comment telling me that they're a follower, 2) follows me on facebook or twitter and leaves a comment telling me they did so, or 3) comments with a link back to a reblog about the giveaway will be entered to win the one I made! What do you think?

Not convinced? Take a closer look :)

So spread the word! Tell your friends, co-workers, family and fellow blog lovers to hurry up and follow because I can't wait to share the details of this project!!
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

{Roundup} Chandeliers!

I had randomly mentioned to my Hubby a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to move our bedroom into the master bedroom (I know that sounds odd but when we had originally bought the place we put ourselves in the guest room because my younger sister was living with us and we wanted her to be able to have her own space. The master bedroom was all the way to the back of the condo and had it's own bathroom so it made sense). Well, this casual mention was apparently taken to heart because I came home one day from work and he'd made the switch! What an awesome surprise to come home to; I got what I wanted and didn't even have to lift a finger for it!

However, now that we have relocated to the master bedroom, I've realized that the bedrooms are the only two remaining rooms that have not been redone since we purchased. My mind hasn't shut off since. The trouble is, I'm not sure what ideas I want for our room, and what ideas I want for the guest room. I love gray walls. Guest or Master? I love ruffles. Guest or Master? I must have a stenciled accent wall. Guest or Master?

Sure, you're thinking: "Why don't you do it in both?" Well, because I want the rooms to have two different looks... and because I want to have the opportunity to piece together two rooms instead of just one:)

The one thing I know for sure is that I want to hang something pretty above our bed. Not on the wall, but ABOVE our bed. There are so many cute ideas, and I've been pinning my heart out! I'm so inspired by all the wonderful tutorials out there, I may need to make one for every room! Here are some of my favorites:

Paper Chandelier
I've seen examples of these in scrapbook paper, book pages, white printing paper, etc. Some are cut into butterfly shapes, some are hearts, some starts and other just plain circles. With so many choices, I wonder how I have not yet made one! 
Here's a thought, what about creating one using greeting cards that you've received ? I've kept nearly every card I've ever received (not joking). That's a lot memories hanging over the bed!

(Note the tutorial is also provided by the woman who sells the kit!)

Vellum Chandelier
I love vellum. I love the thought of printing pictures on vellum and then cutting it into circles and creating a mobile. I love the idea of painting the circles (would watercolors work?!). I love the way it looks back-lit. Just love it.


{Pottery Barn}

Bubble Chandelier 
Words can not express how much I love these works of art. I'm pretty sure I don't have the delicate touch necessary to create one, but they sure would look amazing over my bed!



Beaded Chandelier
Is it strange that I like the dollar store one better than the $100 one?!



Do any of you know of any DIY ideas I could hang above my bed?!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

{Guest Post!} Coaster Place Cards at Wed4Less

Throughout the whole day today I've been wondering what I have been forgetting. There was something specific in regards to my blog that I was supposed to do today- that I've been waiting for- that I couldn't quite wrap my head around. Then, it HIT ME! Today's my guest post at Wed4Less

Lindsie is another one of those wonderful bloggers that I have quickly come to consider a friend. She has this wonderful wedding blog that gives all sorts of budget friendly advise and I can only wish I had known of it two years ago when I was planning mine! Lindsie reached out a little while ago and wanted to know if I'd be willing to do a wedding related tutorial for her blog. Clearly I said yes! I mean, how could I pass up such a wonderful opportunity?!

The tutorial for my Personalized DIY Coaster Place Cards that I created for Wed4Less is an idea I had pop in my head not too long ago. It's the perfect solution to outdoor wedding where there may be a challenge with wind, or if you're looking to combine function with a wedding/ baby shower favor! I also think they would be nice as a family housewarming gift. I could go on, but I won't:) Go check it out!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Seeking DIY or Don't Creative Team Members!

That's right! I'm looking for ...
(Like the new logo?! I'm going to launch it once I have same actual Team Members:)

Okay, so here's the thing; when I first started dreaming up DIY or Don't I envisioned a collection of tutorials from many different crafting genre's, with each post paired with info on where to buy the finished product. What I failed to account for, was that my actual skill level precludes me from being able to provide tutorials on many worthy areas of DIYing! I, for example, have only the basic skill level in sewing. I can't knit or crochet. I don't stamp or, for the most part, make cards. I don't have kids so I don't make baby or children related item, I have very little graphic design knowledge (though harbor a strong love for fonts) and thus all invitation and stationary design is pretty much out the window. What I'm trying to say is that DIY or Don't could truly benefit from YOUR creative abilities!!

Ideally, I'd like to find interested parties for regular contributions, though if there are Crafties out there that only want to do a guest post for one project, I'd love to have that too!

Since joining the blogging world I have fallen in love with the amazingly friendly and supportive crafting blog community! It's like being surrounded by life-long friends all the time, except that I've never really met them. I see this as an opportunity to work a little closer with some of you!

If you already have a blog, I'd gladly put a nice big button on the sidebar listing you (your blog) as a "DIY or Don't Creative Team Member." If you don't have a blog already, consider this home! I'll add you to the "About Us" section and you'll have full administrative rights. This isn't a personal blog, and though I'm really attached to the mission, I'm great sharer! :)

Perhaps you are creative, but all you have is an Etsy shop. Perfect! Create tutorials on how to make your items for sale, and list your store as the place to buy the finished product! If you're concerned about people not buying your goods if they know how to make them, don't worry. Almost everything in Etsy has a tutorial out there somewhere already. Everything in my shop I've first posted a tutorial for, yet people still buy them. The blog is actually the number one traffic source for my Etsy shop!

If you or someone you know may be interested in this opportunity, please shoot me an email at sarah@diyordont.com. Talk to me about a couple tutorials you'd like to do and what I could do to make this arrangement work for you!

I'm ready for the next step in this blogging adventure! Are you?! Become a member of the DIYOD Creative Team!
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