Friday, August 26, 2011

New Etsy Shop Design!

Ok, I can craft, but when it comes to digital crafting, I'm at a loss. That's why I'm SOOOO happy that I found Alicia from dreamlikemagic. Her stuff is adorable! I don't have any kids, but if i did, I'd be all over her to create items for birthday parties, nursery's, etc. She designed my blog (which I think we can all agree is awesome) so when I decided I need a little more from my Etsy store, she was my first stop. And yes, there are birds. I'm typically not a bird person, but she makes them so darn CUTE! If you're curious, check out my new shop here.

Look at a couple of her other super cute designs! And when you can't resist picking one up yourself, let her know you found her here. I'm determined to be her best customer and biggest fan:)

**Update!! Alicia has offered a super generous 15% discount to all DIYOD readers when they use the promo code: DIY15!! Thanks Alicia!!**

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