Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Guest Post!} DIY Kinda Girl- Personalized Vellum Wine Shades

That's right! Another guest post!! If you've been curious as to why the blog has been a bit more silent than usual, it's because I've been given this fantastic opportunity to prepare a few guest posts for some truly wonderful fellow bloggers. You know, when I first started this blog, I logically started following a bunch of other craft blogs and the first thing that stood out to me what how genuinely  NICE everyone seemed to be. Not just the bloggers themselves (because one would expect that from the host) but from the guests who left comments, the people who offered constructive feedback and the overall DIY community. Well, Heather from DIY Kinda Girl is certainly no exception. She's an absolute doll and her blog has some truly wonderful DIY projects.

Today, her blog has one more DIY project! Hop on over to check out the tutorial I've contributed for these Personalized Vellum Wine Shades!

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