Tuesday, August 2, 2011

{DIY Roundup} Paint Chips!

Have you missed me?! I've missed you guys, that's for sure. I've been MIA because I'm working on something big. HUGE. The biggest thing in half a century! But I won't be ready to post it until next week, and it'll probably be multiple posts. Before the big "reveal," however, I wanted to share with you all a little roundup I've done of paint chip projects. I'll admit, I originally searched them out for selfish reasons. I kept seeing projects pop up using paint chips and I kept thinking how cute and clever they were! I had to see what was out there.

The best part about these projects is that the main material is FREE! Raid your local paint or hardware store and go to town. Or, if you're like me, you've already got a crazy ton of paint chips lying around that you can put to good use. Hey, what can I say, I have a "thing" ok? It's really hard for me to walk by a paint section without taking a few souvenirs. Color makes me happy:)

So, without further adieu, let me introduce to you some of my favorite projects and their helpful tutorials.

Paint Chip Table

This fun project comes to us from Fine Diving. Just a cheap ol' Ikea table and your favorite colors give you a fun and vibrant conversation piece- I mean table.


There was a time when all you had to do was eat out at a restaurant and you could pick up a matchbook or two, but that fad was seen as too expensive for most struggling restaurants. Now the matchbook is like an endangered species. Help resurrect the population by making a few of your own! These are filled with paper (which make them a purse's best friend) but it wouldn't take much to fill them with matches. Find the tutorial at Whimsy-Girl.

Paint Chip Mobile

I am actively looking for a fun piece to hang over the bed in our room chandelier-style. We haven't even started the renovation yet (it's coming up soon) but I can totally see one of these (a gigantic one!) being the perfect item. Tutorial provided by Kirtsy.

Favor Boxes

I love this idea! Coming from How about Orange this tutorial comes with a template and detailed instructions. Have some time around the TV? Skip purchasing boxes for your next event and make them!


How cute is this?! Possibly my favorite housewarming party invitation ever. Tutorial and pictures provided by My Hands Made It

Banners and Garland

Paint chip in banners and garland aren't a new idea. There are numerous examples out there of how to put your sewing machine and hole punches to good use but I was really drawn to this project because it was different. You may have seen it before, but if you haven't, stop by A Bit of Sunshine and check it out!

Wall Mural

If I had the patience, you can be sure this would be happening in my bathroom. Apparently all you need is about a half ton of paint chips and some "quake hold putty." Better instructions provided by DesignSponge

These are some of my favorite projects, have you guys seen any new and/or original paint chip projects?


Unique Hrebina said...

oh my god... the table is fantastic :)

Ann said...

Good round-up! Here's one of my favorite paint chip projects - wall art:


Another idea is a different type of wall decor that Jessica of How About Orange showed on her site recently. The paint chips were cut into triangles.

Sarah M. said...

Ann, that's a wonderful addition to the paint chip collection! It's so detailed :) Thanks for joining in the conversation!!

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Reema dsouza said...

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