Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Big Reveal...Happy 50th Birthday Mom!!!

That's right, my beautiful and YOUNG mother just turned 50!! To honor this landmark my dad decided many months ago that we needed to throw her a gigantic SURPRISE birthday party! Since all three of his daughters love a good party, all he needed to do was ask and step aside for the ball to start rolling.

When my dad told me his plan, it was 4 months after my own wedding. Do you remember that phase after your wedding? You've just recently recovered from the wedding craziness that became your life during the months before you're big day and although you've spent the past few months rejoicing in the fact that a weekend was approaching and you had not one craft project that just HAD to be completed by any particular date, you kinda miss not having that special craft project due by any particular date. You've had months to discover projects you wish you could have incorporated and you learned so many things during the process of your wedding that you kinda wish you could do it all over again; only better and cheaper and faster this time. Well. This was my chance!

I dug in and crafted my little heart out. The theme was to be "garden inspired" and since my mother loves any and all things lacy and vintage I figured I'd throw that in anyplace I could as well. I did table decorations, garland for the fence, photobooth props, cocktail recipes, food/beverage labels, etc. The fact that I had 8 months to plan this party didn't keep me from crafting until the very last minute either. My sister Britt stayed up even after I went to bed on the Friday before the party to finish the last project. I couldn't help myself, just kept coming up with things I wanted to do!

The party morning came, and as soon as I received that phone call from my father that she'd left to go shopping and would be back around 3pm, it was show time. We piled all the decorations into the car, drove the .5 miles from my Aunt's house to my parents house and it was game on! Britt tacked the aesthetics of the garage (it's where the buffet would be located) and the gift table while I decorated the fence with garland and balloons and started setting up the tables. The men were busy hoisting the fridge from the basement to the porch so we could keep the beverages cold and setting up the tables and chairs borrowed from the local town fire department. All was coming along on schedule when the rain clouds threatened to do what the local weather channel said they had a 40% chance of doing. I. About. Cried!! Nearly ALL of the decorations were paper! And there was no chance of getting 100+ people into my parents house...

Then came God. Well, it was actually a truly amazing neighbor who was clearly doing the good neighborly work of God. Out of the blue he arrives and offers us his 20' x 30' party tent (to which we obviously accept) and then he proceeds to set it up for us!! Talk about timing. That thing wasn't completed even a minute too soon because no sooner than we started putting the tables back underneath it did it start to rain. And then pour. But by this point, the decorations (except for the fence ones) were all safely under cover and dry. I am so grateful for the kindness of people, especially that demonstrated in small towns.

Because of the rain, an otherwise casual affair became a bit more formal for me because the guests were hesitant to leave the protection of the tent to brave the rain and obtain beverages from the bar set up on the porch. That left me to play hostess and I spent the majority of the party shuttling cocktails, coolers of beer and soda's to the guests while they proceeded to, from what i could tell, truly enjoy the party! Rain or no rain, my friends and family know how to have a good time:)

My only regret (and it's a big regret) from the entire event was that because the rain caused so much chaos (for me mainly), I didn't have the time to shoot even one picture. Not one. :'( After all those months of covertly constructing the decorations and having to withhold them from the blog (because my mother stalks the blog on an hourly basis) I was so excited to share a slew of amazing pictures of the finished product with everyone, but I got nothing.

As disappointing as this all is, all is not lost. I will still be posting tutorials on all the projects (and recipes), I just won't have pics from the actual party. And since my readers are uber creative and guaranteed to have the best imaginations out there, I'm confident that you'll be able to piece together a fairly accurate image of the event once all the tutorials are posted:)

Here are the tutorials you have to look forward to:

Kraft Paper and Doily Table Runners
Vintage paper and twine garland
Mustache and Lip Photo Booth props
Paper and Button Adorned Rustic Tin and Tissue Paper Flower Centerpieces
Blinged-Out Buffet Labels
Captain and Coke Jello Shot Recipe
Lime Sherbet Margaritas
Individualized Mason Jar Cakes
Birthday Wish Guest Book Tags
Strawberry Basil Lemonade Recipe
Vintage Dixie Cup String Lights

Excited?! Well I am!! I can't wait to get started!!



bcriminger said...

No pictures :(

Stacie (craft-princess) said...

How wonderful! Sounds like a great party and alot of work went into it! Thank goodness for the kind neighbor too saving everyone from the rain! :) Happy 50th to your mom....she is gorgeous! Sorry you don't have any pics....any chance someone else took some?

Sarah M. said...

@Stacie, I put out a facebook call for pictures twice (yes, even my grandparents are on facebook) but still no responses :( If I do get any pics I'll post them with the upcoming tutorials:)

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