Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Guest Post!} DIY Kinda Girl- Personalized Vellum Wine Shades

That's right! Another guest post!! If you've been curious as to why the blog has been a bit more silent than usual, it's because I've been given this fantastic opportunity to prepare a few guest posts for some truly wonderful fellow bloggers. You know, when I first started this blog, I logically started following a bunch of other craft blogs and the first thing that stood out to me what how genuinely  NICE everyone seemed to be. Not just the bloggers themselves (because one would expect that from the host) but from the guests who left comments, the people who offered constructive feedback and the overall DIY community. Well, Heather from DIY Kinda Girl is certainly no exception. She's an absolute doll and her blog has some truly wonderful DIY projects.

Today, her blog has one more DIY project! Hop on over to check out the tutorial I've contributed for these Personalized Vellum Wine Shades!

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Etsy Shop Design!

Ok, I can craft, but when it comes to digital crafting, I'm at a loss. That's why I'm SOOOO happy that I found Alicia from dreamlikemagic. Her stuff is adorable! I don't have any kids, but if i did, I'd be all over her to create items for birthday parties, nursery's, etc. She designed my blog (which I think we can all agree is awesome) so when I decided I need a little more from my Etsy store, she was my first stop. And yes, there are birds. I'm typically not a bird person, but she makes them so darn CUTE! If you're curious, check out my new shop here.

Look at a couple of her other super cute designs! And when you can't resist picking one up yourself, let her know you found her here. I'm determined to be her best customer and biggest fan:)

**Update!! Alicia has offered a super generous 15% discount to all DIYOD readers when they use the promo code: DIY15!! Thanks Alicia!!**

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

{D.I.Y.O.D. Wedding Wednesday} Buttons!

There is a reason the saying "Cute as a button" exists. It's because buttons are inexplicably adorable! Such simple little things, but boy they can make an impact! I dare you not to fall in love with these projects :)

By the way, I realized belatedly that last week I forgot to include tutorials and "where to buy" information. What was I thinking?! Today's entry follows the old format:)

Button Bouquets
Um. I love this project by A Paper Proposal! They'd be cute in pictures, they'd be adorable watching the girls walk down the aisle with and they would last forever! I wouldn't want it flying at my head during the bouquet toss though ;)

Button Ring Pillow
Such a simple, fun and cute idea by Bugs and Fishes!

Button Monogram
Monograms are not new ideas to the wedding scene, nor do I think they're going anywhere anytime soon, so why not make one that is super cute, and that you can hang in your home afterwards!

Button Boutonniere
Like the button bouquet idea above? Why not make corresponding boutonnieres for the men too!? The awesome tutorial by My DIY Wedding might have you creating one for all the guests!

Button Candy
Searching for a unique take on candy favors? Well I have a treat for you! (pun intended). Take a look at these button candies and the tutorial provided by Bake it Pretty.

Before you leave with all your new-found button love, please stop by my {giveaway!} and enter to win a ranunculus/rose bouquet!

Monday, August 22, 2011

{Giveaway!} Rananulus and/or Rose Bouquet

Those of you who follow me on Tacebook and/or Twitter know that I recently decided that I wanted to host my first giveaway. I asked you guys what you thought I should giveaway and there was overwhelming support for a bouquet of flowers. I LOVE this idea!! 

This giveaway is for a bouquet (20 blossoms) of paper ranunculus and/or rose blossoms. The winner will be able to choose the combination of blossoms desired, and the colors desired. They will also be able to choose whether or not they want the blossoms assembled or unassembled. (I'm obviously happy to do the assembly, but I've had some people tell me they'd prefer to complete the flowers themselves.)

To enter the giveaway you may choose any (or all) of the following entry methods:

1) Follow my blog and leave a comment telling me what your favorite blog is. This is not a trick question, I'm not looking for you to say DIY or Don't (though don't get me wrong, I'd be honored if it really was your favorite blog!) what I am looking for is a list great blogs that I should check out!

2) Follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter and leave a comment telling me you've done so

3) Facebook, blog or tweet about the giveaway with a linkback and then comment here with a link to your Facebook comment/tweet, blog post.

The giveaway ends on Tuesday, August 29th and the winner will be announced Wednesday August 30th!

I also think this is the perfect opportunity to share with all of you a couple of the bouquets two of my readers assembled with my templates and then sent me photos of. These bouquets are so beautiful and I'm so grateful they shared them with me!

Michelle's Bouquet
I LOVE the different patterns in the coordinating colors! So pretty!!

Melany's Bridal Bouquet
Do you see the little dew-drop adornments on the petals?! So sweet :)

Thank you again ladies for sharing your finished products!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

{Tutorial} Dixie Cup Light Garland!

So, it's generally very rare for me to post full tutorials created by other people, but today I'm making an exception. This is a project I did for my mom's birthday, but realized quite quickly that there wasn't anything I could do to improve upon the tutorial (especially the photography) found at The Loveliest Day. (BTW, if you're not a follower already, you should really sign up).

Before I share this incredible tutorial with you, take a look at my verision (it's to the left of my sister):

You'll note that I chose to put a cup on every other light. I thought it looked less cluttered this way.

Ok, here it is:

How to Make:

a pack of 100 Dixie Cups
scissors and an Exacto knife
scrapbook paper in desired colours
white Christmas lights (LED is best)
double sided tape (I used hot glue)
a pencil

1) Cut apart a Dixie Cup and lay flat on a piece of paper. Carefully trace the outline of the cup and make your light 'shade' cover template. You may need a few trial runs to get it right!

2) Trace your template onto your scrapbook paper (making approximately 30 - 50 light 'shade' covers like I am holding in the one photo) and cut them out.

3) Using your Exacto knife, make an X shape slit in the bottoms of the Dixie cups. Pop in each individual bulb until each light is covered with a shade. (Note: I used the screw punch from Martha Stewart instead)

5) Plug in and voila! A gorgeous DIY light garland! Be sure to keep an eye on the garland when it's plugged in if you are NOT using LED lights; they will get hot!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{D.I.Y.O.D. Wedding Wednesday} Windows!

I have 2 words for you: Vintage Windows! Hubby and I had to travel over an hour to get to our wedding site so I made a conscious decision early on to try and not bring anything too breakable but I've been eyeing these window decor ideas FOREVER!! I've chosen 5 of my favorite to share:

Window Frame and Polaroid Seating Chart 
I found this cute idea on Dashing in Pearls. There's no glass in here, but that doesn't mean it doesn't make a super cute seating chart! 

Window Pane Seating Chart
A white window pen and some old discarded window pane's make for one of the sweetest seating charts ever. This pretty idea was found at Project Wedding

Window Adorned Ceremony Backdrop
This is such a simple look, but so pretty! I found this picture at Hammers & High Heels.

Window Guest Book!!
I've saved the best and most original for last. I love love LOVE this idea! This creative couple has combined the recent trend of thumbprint trees with a vintage window. I SO wish I had done this! I would have this hung it above my bed to be reminded daily of the well wishes of all my loved ones. This idea was posted by Our Vintage Love.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

{Quickie Tutorial} DIY Colored Votive Holder

I currently have in my possession about 64 frosted votive holders leftover from my wedding last year. They've been sitting in a box in our guest bedroom waiting. Waiting for me to think of something to do with them. I've had a few ideas, all of which I fully intend to share, but this one I was most eager to try out! Talk about simple, this project takes just a few minutes to create and the results are so cute! An added bonus is that you get to mix any color (or colors) that you want! Allow me to share my process:

How to Make

Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Food Coloring
Votive holder

1) Mix 2 oz. of Mog Podge with 1 to 2 drops of food coloring.
2) Brush colored mixture evenly onto the outside of the votive holder.
3) Wait until the votive holder dries, then add another coat.

That's it! Possibly one of the easiest DIY projects ever!

Where to Buy
 Buy these pretty blue votive (or one of their other colors) from

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary Hubbs!!

A year ago today Hubby and I vowed before God that we would take on the world as one; a team united with nothing but a promise. It was the best decision I've ever made. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't thank God for bringing him into my world, and for blessing us with the limitless, intoxicating, crazy amount of love that we have for each other. I have never felt so complete and whole. I know that together, there is nothing we can't accomplish or endure.

Today has been 1 year of wedded bliss, and to think that we are just beginning our life-long journey together! I can't wait to see what God has in store for us!

To John: Happy Anniversary Babe. Thank you for all you are and all you do. Without you, I'm only a fraction of the person I am when I'm with you. I love you :)

Now for all you readers, a few of our "Day After" photos taken Ashley Maxwell. She's a true magician with a camera.

Friday, August 12, 2011

{Tutorial} Shabby Chic Galvanized Pot Centerpiece

Looking for a fun, inexpensive centerpiece for your wedding? Want an easy piece to decorate the gift table with at a birthday or bridal shower? Looking for something else to do with those flower pots during the winter months? This project may be for you! It's easy (only takes about 20 minutes to assemble from start to finish), and CHEAP! The whole thing only cost about $4.00, and the pot was like $3.00 of that! Here's how I did it:

How to Make:

Materials Used
1 galvanized pail (I bought mine from Ikea)
4" circle of scrapbook paper
3 buttons (1 big, 2 small)
Twine (i used about 10")
Tissue paper (I made 3 flowers with 8" squares, 10 sheets each)
24" Floral Wire cut into thirds
Scraps of fabric for leaves (I used a bit of tulle and green suede)
Various size jewels to glue to add some sparkle
2 grommets
Scissors (to cut out circle) 

1) Cut out the 4" circle from a patterned paper of your choice. I chose to also make the edges pretty by using a circle punch. If you have a electronic cutter, this part would be easier.

2) Punch holes in two opposite sides of the circle and add the grommets (see pic)

3) Grab your buttons and fabric and glue them to the front. I wanted them to look like flowers. You can make them look like anything you want. Heck, you don't even need to use buttons, you could use more paper, all fabric (maybe a rosette or something), sky's the limit! On this step you'll also glue on the fabric scraps (I cut mine to look like leaves) and the sparkly jewels. 

4) Hot glue the twine to the back of one side of the circle. Wrap around the pot until there is about 1/2" overlay and cut to size. Finish gluing the other end to the back of the circle.

5) Slip the circle and twine under the pot and fix into position. My pot had ridges that the twine fit securely between, but a dab of hot glue under the circle would also keep it in place.

6) Make three tissue paper flowers in color/s of your choice. Use this tutorial for instructions on how to do that. 

7) Bunch flowers together and wrap the floral wire together at the base so that they stay together. 

8) Add flowers to pot and you're done!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pictures! We have Pictures!!

Turns out all hope was not lost. I signed onto Facebook this evening and was pleasantly surprised! My dad HAD actually taken some pictures of Mom's surprise party and failed to see my pleas on Facebook asking for any evidence that the party actually took place. They aren't the best pics, but you'll get the idea:) Without further adieu...

Mom's Surprise 50th Birthday Party!! 

This was the gift table with the birthday banner I made for her. If you look REAAALLLYY closely at the bottom right hand side of the picture you can see the birthday wish tree. There is one little tag hanging already on it.

These are the mason jar cakes that I made. There are 4 flavors: Strawberry, Blueberry, Chocolate Caramel (this flavor was freaking amazing), and chocolate chip. They were a big hit.

This is my hubby grilling away. He spent the first half of the party here. I got so many compliments on the food, and I must admit, I'm not very modest when it comes to hubby's talent in the kitchen. His food is some of the best I've ever eaten, and I get to enjoy it every night:)

Can you believe this tent?! I still can't believe it was pink and white. You can see some of the garland along the fence, the balloons, and me and my dad stocking the cooler to the right there:)

If you look close, you can see the centerpieces with the paper flowers on the tables. This is the tutorial that's coming up next:)

We await the arrival of the birthday girl. I should probably mention that she arrived well after the 3pm she promised to be back. Note the time stamp here... almost an hour late. Surprisingly enough, this makes her just about on time in "Nancy Time."

John and I finally got a chance to sit down! (I'm the one laughing with my mouth WIDE open in the purple dress) This was when mom was opening her gifts. 

The Atwell sisters! My Aunt Amy is on the left, Aunt Karen (KK) is in the middle, and mom on the right.

Members of the peanut gallery, including Grandma holding her grandbaby (my niece), Siana. 

All the Atwell siblings! Mom, Amy, KK, and Uncle Mark on the far right. They were using some of the props from the photo booth (which never got set up because of the rain). 

XOXO- The End!!

Stay tuned for the rest of the party tutorials! I'll be posting the centerpiece tutorial this weekend.
In case you missed it, the doily table runner tutorial can be see here. 
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