Monday, July 4, 2011

{Tutorial Roundup} Pallet Upcycling!

Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope you're all enjoying massive amounts of beer and burgers. I had to work today (restaurants don't have the same holidays as the rest of the world) but it was a quiet day in the office so it was pretty relaxing:)

Today's post was actually inspired by a July 4th themed post I saw this week using a pallet to create this:

Tutorial From Jess' Journey Through Life, Love and Motherhood
My husband would love to have one of these in our living room.

Seeing this made me realize how much I love the look of upcycled pallets and that I have seen a bunch of really cool pallet projects lately! (You may remember my earth day post that included the tutorial for the garden pallet) Well, it turns out there are lots of crafty people out there thinking of new and inventive ways to upcycle used pallets so I figured I'd test out a new blog series called "Tutorial Roundup" where I share with everyone a number of tutorials around a common theme, kinda like "D.I.Y.O.D. Wedding Wednesday" only all topics are fair game (and believe me, I'm going to strive to find themes that are kinda "out there").

I hope you guys like these as much as I did!

**Click on hyperlinked caption, NOT photos, to be taken to tutorials**

Tutorial from Mom and Her Drill

Tutorial from Simple Home.Life

Tutorial from Esprite Cabane

Tutorial from Ana White
Tutorial from DesignSponge
Have you found any other awesome pallet projects?!

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