Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{D.I.Y.O.D. Wedding Wednesday} More Ruffles!

Read my blog long enough and I think you'll develop a pretty clear picture of what I like and who I am. It wouldn't take a forensic profiler long to tell you that I'm a strong, outspoken (sometimes too much so) independent woman; all of which is demonstrated by my almost obsessive need to absorb random knowledge and share it with anyone who will listen. They'd also tell you that, though I grew up wresting with the boys, climbing trees, and knocking over waifs on the soccer field, I have a crazy ridiculous feminine side that is demonstrated with my love for pink, lace, and RUFFLES!

In the short life span of this blog I've already had a couple of posts highlighting the beauty of ruffles (Earth Day Dare #3 and {Tutorial}Ruffles) but, due to the romantic nature of ruffles, it's only fitting that I highlight them on Wedding Wednesday, right? Right :) So, here are 5 awesome DIY ruffle tutorials that I think would be perfect wedding additions:

Ruffle Shoes

How cute are the ruffles on these shoes?! Imagine this romantic pop of color under a pristine white gown? Amazing.

How to Make
Wonderful tutorial provided by LoveMaegan

Where to Buy
I found a similar concept being sold by sofisticata. Check it out here.


Ruffle Belt

I love the idea of this around the waist of either the bride or the bridesmaids. For the bride it would be an easy way to change up the look after the ceremony without changing the dress. Get them in different colors for the bridesmaids if you're having a neutral color dress, etc. Such options!

How to Make
I found this great tutorial on 100LayerCake.

Where to Buy
This isn't the only pretty little ruffle accessory you'll find in Adornmegirl's shop :) Check out her ruffle belts here.

Ruffle Necklace

If you don't look at this necklace and picture it around the neck of at least one member of your wedding party I think you're crazy. What a sweet accessory for your besties in their cute little strapless dresses!

How to Make
Obsess over this tutorial on Happy Together

Where to Buy
Find ruffle necklaces (and matching ruffle earrings) at prettythingsbymeg

Ruffle Garland

I have seen chairs intricately woven with yards and yards upon ribbon, and while it's beautiful, I always think the process is probably akin to assembling Nike tennis shoes in some third world country. How pretty would this be strung behind all the chairs in an outdoor reception? Swoon.

How To Make
Easy tutorial provided at The Sweetest Occasion.

Where to Buy
I couldn't find a fabric garland but found some pretty crepe paper garland sellers, and I think they might be even more cost effective than their fabric counterparts! Check out thegildedbee. They have an amazing selection!! 

Special Treat!! - Ruffle Cake
pic via
How to Make
If you're into ruffles, you are going to LOVE this cake! So sweet and romantic, and it's DIY! Don't believe me?


Kendra Morris said...

I love ruffles so much you have no idea! This is Kendra from Adornmegirl. Thanks for featuring my shop and ruffle belt! Great blog. I am now a new follower!

truthbtold said...

Sorry demo cake looks nothing like the picture in your blog ?

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