Thursday, July 28, 2011

{D.I.Y.O.D. Wedding Wednesday} Handkerchiefs!

I love handkerchiefs. I love the whimsy of them, the subtly femininity of them and the vintage nostalgia associated with them. At my wedding I used them as napkins. We had vowed to be as sustainable as possible and i had the thought that I could kill two birds with one stone by making the "necessities" like glassware and napkins double as favors. I'm guessing the guests caught on quick because at the end of the night, there weren't very many napkins to be found :) But napkins are far from the only way that you can utilize the beauty of a handkerchief in a wedding and I have uncovered some awesome DIY projects that I think you'll love!

DIY Save The Dates
This save the date is simple and sweet. I love that they use a stamp instead of screen printing!

DIY Wedding Invitations
There are so many awesome variations of this beautiful idea. I picked out two that I thought were really different but equally amazing. 

This idea uses a handkerchief as the invitation and a postcard wrapped inside as an RSVP card. So simple, so perfect. I wasn't able to find a great tutorial for this exact project, but I was able to find a fantastic tutorial on how to use iron-on transfers to add your info to the handkerchief instead of screen printing, budget friendly and super simple, my favorite combo!


This is possibly one of my favorite projects ever. Starting with a sketch, morphing into fabric, and ending as these beautiful wedding invites I'm completely in awe of this process. Kelli Anderson laid out her whole process on her blog (link below). 

Sorry, I wasn't able to find a place to purchase though I recommend contacting Kelli should you be interested in having her recreate the project for you!

DIY Ring Pillow
This simple project adds just the right touch to your ring presentation.

This would also be a wonderful way to possibly incorporate something from a missing relative.

DIY Love Letters/Guest Book
I love LOVE this idea!! EatDrinkChic has provided templates that you can print out on paper that look just like handkerchiefs and you can have guests write little notes (or "love letters") for the newlyweds. What a unique and wonderful idea!!

How To Make 
(templates provided)
So simple to make, why buy?!

DIY Hanging Vases
I can envision these hanging vases lining the aisles of a wedding ceremony. Little pops of color with just the right touch of lace and bows. 

Where to Buy- no luck here. Clearly there's a handkerchief void in the sellers market:)

Monday, July 25, 2011

{You Asked!} Ranunculus PDF!

So, it's no secret that I'm new to this blogging world. I'm learning new and incredible things every day just by reading your feedback, and watching the other talented bloggers out there do their thing. So far, I think I've managed to do a number of things right, but I've also done a few things wrong. One mistake I made was attempting to post my projects on a "subscriber only" page. That didn't quite go as planned. I had envisioned this awesomely exclusive page filled with great downloads that people would flock to for unique and I fun projects not already widely available elsewhere on the web. Yeah... It worked in my head.

I want to take a moment here and thank all of you for not bombarding my inbox with hate mail. Instead you guys kindly, and often enthusiastically, shot me emails or left me notes on the ranunculus post, asking me to provide further guidance. It's more than I deserved :) I promise, I had no idea how difficult that method was going to be.

As an apology to all of you that graciously played along and went through the motions of "Following" the blog and then going on the treasure hunt to find and download the templates, I promise to never post anything else that is not easily accessible on the post itself. Additionally, for all of you that were baffled by the .studio files, and overwhelmed by the formatting needed to use the jpeg, I've created a peace offering. Located below you will find a link to the newly created PDF template. All four pages with all the petals properly sized and ready for you to attack with your scissors. I hope this makes up for all the inconvenience! I hope it also proves how much your feedback means to me.

Speaking of feedback, those of you who follow me on Facebook have already seen this preview, but I couldn't post and not give you a glimpse of one of the many projects I'm preparing to share with you guys. I had this idea for "wire word" jewelry and quickly whipped this up. What do you guys think?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

{My Inspiration} Doily Runners, Lamps, Rocks and Rock Candy!

I'm 100% dedicated to providing tutorials and awesome vendors, but sometimes I like to just sit back and soak in the crafty genius of others. I thought perhaps you guys would enjoy some of my finds as much as I did so I figured I'd share :) Here are a few of the things I came across today that inspired me!

I hope these inspire you as much as they did me!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

{Tutorial} Paper Rose - Tutorial and Downloads!

It's finally here! Thank you all for all your patience, I made you wait longer than I wanted to, but I really wanted this to be just perfect.

How to Make

Materials Needed
2 pieces of cardstock in the color of the petals that you'd like
1 piece of cardstock in green for the leaves
1 straw (you can also use floral wire)
floral tape
Floral pin
Hot glue gun and glue
scissors to cut out template
Sponge (seriously!)

How to Make
1) Print out templates and cut out all petals (or use .studio files to cut with Silhouette)
2) Take the squiggly shaped petal (it looks like a dinosaur without legs) and glue like this:

3) starting at the side with the flat piece, start rolling the piece in on itself.

4) When you're finished rolling, glue the end down so that it looks like this:

5) Cut a small piece off your sponge and glue it to the top of your floral pin. I did this because it created a greater surface area for the pin head, and it ended up being more steady when glued in place within the center flower bud.

6) Add some glue to the outside of your pin and stick it in the bottom of your newly formed bud like this:

7) Now you start putting on the petals. Put some glue on the underside of your center bud and slide on the smallest bud. Curl under the sides of the petals. I use a straw to do this part, like this:

8) Start gluing each petal to the center bud, being sure to glue only one bud at a time. I put the glue on each petals like this:

9) When you've glued each of the three petals on the first set of petals, slide on the second petals, remembering to add some glue to the underside of the completed bud so that the next petal stays put. Repeat step 8 for each of the remaining petals. When all 6 petals are attached, it should look like this:

10) Cut off another small piece of your sponge and stick it in one end of the straw. I did this so that when I stuck the end of the pin with the flower on it in the straw, it didn't flop around but was held securely in place by the sponge.

11) Wrap the straw in the floral tape.

12) Add on the spiky petal to the head of the straw and then stick the head of the pin (the one the flower is now on) into the straw, being sure not to push the sponge down, but to push the pin through the sponge. Glue the base of each petal "spike" to the rose and add a drop of glue to the end of the straw to secure the rose bud to it.

13) Flip the flower over and add to a vase!!

Where to Buy

You can find these pretty little flowers in kit form, as well as completed, in my etsy shop!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, you earned it!! A huge thank you goes out to all my followers, both new and old :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

{Downloads!} - Stitched Card Templates

Have you ever worked on a project and even after it's completed you just keep thinking about it? That was the what I was experiencing after the hand stitched cards. I kept getting these cute ideas and had to create them, and since I did, I thought I'd share them with all of you!

If you missed the original tutorial, you can fine it here: Hand Stiched Cards

**Note: These downloads are for Silhouette SD users only. I will gladly create a PDF of the images if you'd like, but it may be easier to just print out shapes from word on cardstock or create shapes free-hand**

Button Flower Card : I used the Silhouette download "Cute Modern Flower" and modified it to only use the stems and leaves. I can't provide that template because I purchased it.

Dress Card: (wouldn't this be the perfect way to ask your besties to be in your wedding?)

Rain Cloud (pic not shown)

As a side note, at the time of posting, we only need three more followers to get the paper rose tutorial!! I better start prepping it:) I'll have it posted asap!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

{Challenge} Paper Rose Tutorial Exchange

Exchange? Exchange for what!? For your "Follow!" I've spent the past couple of days hard at work expanding the selection of paper flower templates I have to offer. My most recent creation: The rose! Take a peek:

I won't lie, I'm kinda in love with it. I've even made a few minor tweaks to it since I've taken the picture that make it look even more real! I haven't prepared the tutorial yet, but I tell you what, if I can hit 350 "followers" I'll will, complete with a template in three different formats, a jpeg image, a PDF cut-and-assemble file and the .studio files. That's worth the click right?! If you're already a follower, tell your friends! Tweet it, share it on Facebook, wear a sandwich board in the street! (but be sure to send pictures). The faster you click, the faster you'll be assembling these beauties:)

I can't wait to post this project!!

**UPDATE!! The tutorial, complete with template downloads, is available here. **

Want to cut something NOW? Visit the below projects for free templates and tutorials!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

{D.I.Y.O.D. Wedding Wednesday} More Ruffles!

Read my blog long enough and I think you'll develop a pretty clear picture of what I like and who I am. It wouldn't take a forensic profiler long to tell you that I'm a strong, outspoken (sometimes too much so) independent woman; all of which is demonstrated by my almost obsessive need to absorb random knowledge and share it with anyone who will listen. They'd also tell you that, though I grew up wresting with the boys, climbing trees, and knocking over waifs on the soccer field, I have a crazy ridiculous feminine side that is demonstrated with my love for pink, lace, and RUFFLES!

In the short life span of this blog I've already had a couple of posts highlighting the beauty of ruffles (Earth Day Dare #3 and {Tutorial}Ruffles) but, due to the romantic nature of ruffles, it's only fitting that I highlight them on Wedding Wednesday, right? Right :) So, here are 5 awesome DIY ruffle tutorials that I think would be perfect wedding additions:

Ruffle Shoes

How cute are the ruffles on these shoes?! Imagine this romantic pop of color under a pristine white gown? Amazing.

How to Make
Wonderful tutorial provided by LoveMaegan

Where to Buy
I found a similar concept being sold by sofisticata. Check it out here.


Ruffle Belt

I love the idea of this around the waist of either the bride or the bridesmaids. For the bride it would be an easy way to change up the look after the ceremony without changing the dress. Get them in different colors for the bridesmaids if you're having a neutral color dress, etc. Such options!

How to Make
I found this great tutorial on 100LayerCake.

Where to Buy
This isn't the only pretty little ruffle accessory you'll find in Adornmegirl's shop :) Check out her ruffle belts here.

Ruffle Necklace

If you don't look at this necklace and picture it around the neck of at least one member of your wedding party I think you're crazy. What a sweet accessory for your besties in their cute little strapless dresses!

How to Make
Obsess over this tutorial on Happy Together

Where to Buy
Find ruffle necklaces (and matching ruffle earrings) at prettythingsbymeg

Ruffle Garland

I have seen chairs intricately woven with yards and yards upon ribbon, and while it's beautiful, I always think the process is probably akin to assembling Nike tennis shoes in some third world country. How pretty would this be strung behind all the chairs in an outdoor reception? Swoon.

How To Make
Easy tutorial provided at The Sweetest Occasion.

Where to Buy
I couldn't find a fabric garland but found some pretty crepe paper garland sellers, and I think they might be even more cost effective than their fabric counterparts! Check out thegildedbee. They have an amazing selection!! 

Special Treat!! - Ruffle Cake
pic via
How to Make
If you're into ruffles, you are going to LOVE this cake! So sweet and romantic, and it's DIY! Don't believe me?

Monday, July 11, 2011

{Tutorial} Hand Stitched Cards

Don't ask me why, but I've had the desire to sew paper for a while now. I think I like the look of these two forms of crafting together in what would seem an unlikely joining. When I was brainstorming thank you card ideas I figured now was as good a time as any to give it a shot! I'm kind of in love with the result.

How To Make

Materials Needed
Embroidery Floss in color/s of your choice
Pencil, printer, or digital cutter to outline shape of choice
1 sheet Cardstock

1) Cut your cardstock down to size. I cut mine to 8.5 x 5.5" (ultimately folding it so it was 4.25 x 5.5)

2) Determine what shape, design or words you want to place on the front or your card. You can either print out the shape then cut it out for tracing onto the front of your card, cut it out with a digital cutter, or freehand the design. I've also used my iPad as a light box before and lightly traced the design onto the card stock when I wasn't near a printer. Innovation :)

3) After getting your image onto the front of your card, take your pin and poke holes along the outline of your design, making sure to space them evenly.

4) Thread your needle with the embroidery floss of your choice and stitch around your design.

5) When you're done stitching your design, fold your card in half. That's it! You've just created a unique and awesome handmade card!

**Note: I used my Silhouette to cut out the card and the shape. I cut the shape on the perforated edging setting. This saved me the steps of tracing the shape and poking the holes in the cardstock but isn't necessary to create the card.**

Where to Buy

Sewing cards is not an overly unique idea and there are numerous vendors on Etsy that sell some really nice cards, but when I came across 1threadnest I knew I had to feature her. Look at some of her great cards! And they're eco-friendly too!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{D.I.Y.O.D. Wedding Wednesday} Succulents

I'll be honest with you, before getting married and getting into the whole wedding blog world, I had no idea what a succulent even was. I'm from the North East, and we have way too much rain for succulents. But now I know they exist and I LOVE them! There are so many types, and they come in so many colors!! Their versatility, beauty and resistance to death (for those with a black thumb like myself) make them ideal for weddings and events. I've chosen a couple of my favorite tutorials to share below:

Succulent Wreath
Pic from
How to Make:

Where to Buy:
Fairyscape, her stuff is beautiful!!

Succulent Centerpieces
pic from

How to Make:
Tutorial from Ruffled Blog
Where to Buy:

Succulent Favors

How to Make:

Where to Buy:

Succulent Bouquet
pic from L.A. Botanicals
How to Make:

Where to Buy:

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