Wednesday, June 8, 2011

{Tutorial} Fathers Day Gift- "6 Reasons" Beer Bottle Cards

You guys may ask me any questions you want about this project except: Where on earth did you come up with this?! I honestly have no idea. I wasn't planning on creating a fathers day project today, and certainly not one like this. I was actually going to post the painted silverware tutorial I've been working on, but this idea hit me like a ton of bricks, and I just had to create it. Right this instant. So, here it is!

Father's Day Beer Bottle Cards!
Beer Bottle Cards? Yea, I don't know. It's totally a strange idea but they turned out so cute! The project consists of a number of pieces:

 1) A Father's Day Card. The little message I chose to include on the card says "Dad, There are 1000 reasons I love you" on the outside and "But here are 6 to start." on the inside. Though I could have used the electronic paper cutter to do all the words, I like the juxtaposition of an adult gift created in a "childish" manner. Feel free to get as fancy and precise with it as you'd like though!

2) The Bottle Cards. Yes, they are cards!

3) The bottle Neck Label. For my first demo here I just used strips of paper, but I realized that was kind of lame so I created a Silhouette template for them, available for download below. Here's how it turned out:

4) Beer bottles! I used empty bottles for this demo for two reasons. One, I wasn't sure if it would actually turn out or not and two, I drank the last one we had in the house last night :) Your bottles, however, should obviously not be empty. I do, however, recommend that they be unrefrigerated, that way they wont condensate while you're trying to complete the project.

All and all, I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out! I envision my dad going to the fridge and getting a little loving treat in the form of heartfelt words every time he reaches for a cold one. So sweet:) 

If you're interested in recreating this project for your father here are the instructions:

Materials Needed:   (Approx Time: 2 hours)
60 inches ribbon (I used 1/2 inch ribbon I think)
5 sheets of 8.5"x11" cardstock. (3 for the bottle cards, 1 for the Dad card, and one for the bottle neck labels)
Scissors or an Xacto knife
6 medium sized buttons (you'll need a button that will fit through the ribbon)
Hot glue gun
Crayons/ Markers or something to write your little notes with
Scrap/left over patterned paper to glue behind the number and word cutouts.
Spray adhesive (optional)
Silhouette SD (this is also optional and only necessary if you want to use the provided templates).

1) Cut out 6 strips of paper that are 4" tall by 10" long. If you're using the Silhouette SD, you can cut your strips using the template I created, just click the "download" button. 

2) Fold the strips in half length wise. The numbers go on the front. If you've used my template, you'll need to glue some your scrap patterned paper behind each of the 6 numbers. I tried a number of glue's and found elmers glue and hot glue to work best for this.

3) Write your notes on the inside of each beer card.

4) Adhere the cards to the front of each bottle. I used spray adhesive to align the cards on the front and then hot glue to fix them permanently.

5) Cut your ribbon into 10 inch segments.  

6) Hot glue one end of a strip of ribbon onto the front right of the card. See picture.

7) Hot glue your button on top of this section of ribbon.

7) String the ribbon through the slight in the paper and behind the number.

8) Continue threading the ribbon all the way around the bottle. Where the tail end of the ribbon overlaps with the button, cut a slit in the middle of the ribbon so that the button will fit through it.

9) Button the ribbon around the bottle.
10) Cut out the bottle neck labels. Download template here.

11) Write any message you'd like on the bottle neck label and fix to the bottle with hot glue.

12) Repeat this process for each bottle.

13) Cut out "Dad Card." Template found here: 

14) An optional step here would be to wrap the beer carrying case in matching patterned paper. I think just sticking them in the fridge with the card in front to surprise Dad would also be nice!

Happy Fathers Day!!

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Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

OMG - I LOVE this!!!! Living in Colorado, hubby is a big microbrew drinker and we're always sampling new ones. This is PERFECT!! We'll have to wait until he comes home from training at the end of the month to give it to him though -- but that gives me plenty of time to work on these!


Sarah M. said...

Jennifer I'm so glad you like it! I knew it was either going to be a really weird idea, or a great one so I'm glad you think it's the later:) Send me pics of your final product, I'd love to post them!!

Melissa said...

Cute idea - I think I'll try this :)

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

Hello, fellow beer drinker that knows they shoudn't go from cold to hot! Lol!!! What a great idea! Love it!! Thank you so much for linking up!! And yes, I will be making a few of these for Father's Day!!

Sarah M. said...

Terri, So happy that you liked the project! I laugh because as I was writing this I was thinking to myself "technically, you should never let beer cool down to room temp...ever once it's cold, but we all make sacrifices for our crafts" :) Send pics of your final product, I'd love to see how they turn out!!

Amanda at Shindig said...

I love this! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too, and leaving a comment!

Keeley McGuire said...

This is SUCH a cute idea!
Found you via the Craft-O-Maniac Linkup.
I am going to have to make this happen... thanks so much for sharing!!

Sarah M. said...

Thanks Keeley! I'd love to see the finished product if you end up doing it. And thanks for joining the DIY or Don't! Crafting community on facebook!

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