Saturday, June 25, 2011

Supply Day! The Search for Feathers and Chiffon

Tomorrow I attend the Rammy's! It'll be my third straight year attending. For those of you who don't know, it's a restaurant industry event in D.C. where the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington (RAMW) hosts their version of the Grammy's. It's the industry event of the year where server, bartenders, managers, and owners alike get all dolled up and come together at a local hotel to receive awards, recognize each others awesomeness, and party... hard. It's often a total sh*t show by the end and I totally LOVE it! This year's theme is carnival and you bet we're going all out!

Here are some pics of previous RAMMY celebrations:
1) Credit 2) Credit 3) Credit 4) Credit
Due to a lack of time I bought my mask (gasp!) but it cost about as much as it would have if I had made it because I didn't have any of the supplies on hand.
My Mask
But, after actually browsing through some carnival pics, I realized I was going to have to do a lot better if I was going to represent.

1) Credit 2) Credit 3) Credit 4) Credit
I'm actually not sure where the mask thing came from, but all the women in my office that are attending are wearing them. I probably should have made a giant feather headpiece, but I'm also not wearing a sparkling beaded bikini, so I think I'll settle for being less than authentic:) 

So, here's my plan. I'll make a small feather headpiece, like on a barrette or something, and then I'll get some chiffon that matches my dress and attach it to wrist cuffs and the back of my dress. This will probably be very interesting, but I'll be sure to post pictures either way:)

My first stop, is at this incredible fabric store a couple blocks from my house, fittingly called "Sarah's Fabrics". One of the benefits of living in DC is the diversity, and I live in a very diverse part of the city. I'm guessing I live near one of the the largest African populations in DC, which means awesome Ethiopian food, and amazing fabric stores. The local Joann's Fabrics is just not going to cut it for the garbs that these talented women create. Last time I was there, I was so astounded by the selection and beauty of these fabrics, I had to take a video and send it to my mom (who's obsessed with pretty fabrics). Take a look at the massive amounts of fabric they have in just the back corner of their store:

I just love that place. I'm also going to be stopping my the Salvation Army quick, and, ultimately, Michael's, where I know I'll find feathers. Wish me luck! I'll be sure to share whatever comes of this trip:)

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