Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quickie Tutorial: Stocking Covered Vase

A good friend of mine from grad school recently reached out and asked me if I had any ideas on what she could do with all the pretty patterned tights she had that she would never wear again but couldn't bear to throw out. I'm ashamed to say that at first I had no idea! I thought about it for a while...a long while... and slowly started to formulate a couple ideas. This is one of those ideas. Heather, this is for you:)

This pretty little vase makeover took me exactly 5 minutes and the use of 4 materials. Seriously it's the easiest project ever! If there is a quicker and simpler project out there, I haven't tried it yet.

How to Make:

Materials Needed:
Old tights in the pattern of your choice
Hot glue gun
Felt (I used self-adhesive felt)

1) Cut the foot off of one of the "legs" of your stockings.
2) Pull the footless leg of the stocking over the vase until it pulls just slightly over the bottom of the vase.
3) Cut the tights at the top of the vase just above the top of the vase.
4) Using your hot glue gun, glue the ends of the tights just under the bottom of the vase as shown in the picture.
5) Cut out a circle of felt large enough to cover the bottom of the vase and hot glue into place.
6) Flip the vase right-side up and hot glue the top of the tights just inside the lip of the vase.
7) Stick your flowers in and you're done!


Sarah@everydayeasy said...

such a clever idea!

Aroura said...

I love it!

Rolled Up Pretty and Cut Off Thoughts said...

K this is the cutest idea! I found you from CRAFT and for sure want to follow, you look like you have the best ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

Janet said...

This is a fun idea! The tights looks great on the vase!

CMB Display Designs said...

Great idea! Glad I found this blog!
~Your newest follower:)

{nifty thrifty things} said...

What a cute idea!
Thank you so much for linking this up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

What a unique idea, I love it.

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