Tuesday, June 7, 2011

{Inside the Bloggin' Thing} The concept of Linking Up!

We all know I'm new to this whole blogging thing. It was easy enough for me to figure out how to post a picture and create linked text, but until this past week I had no friggin' clue what a Link Up Party was! So, in case you're as clueless as I was, allow me to give you the quick and dirty.

We bloggers spend a lot of time over the course of a given day thinking about how we can get people to come read our blogs. Link Up parties are a way for us to go to the readers! These "parties" allow other bloggers (like me) to share links to my posts on their site. In short, it allows me to share my projects on blogs with a much wider readership and many more fans than I have:) Plus, many of the other crafters that come to the party to share their own projects will spend a few minutes browsing the works of the other members of the party (because it would be rude to sample the spread and leave without at least chatting up a few people first:) so there is lots of opportunities to attract potential readers!

So, in case you're interested, here's how it works. You find a website that is hosting a "Link Up Party" by googling "link up parties" or looking on other people's blogs to see which "parties" they attend (most blogs that host link up parties do so on a given day like Monday's for example). Once you find a link up party, make sure the party's still going on (if it's closed already it will say so at the bottom of the link up post). Most link up parties will require you greet the host first by "linking back" to their blog. Most blogs make this step pretty easy by providing a button on the sidebar where you can just copy the html code and embed it into your blog. After you have added their link or their button to your blog (and "Following" their blog if you really like what you see) you are free to post the project of your choosing by scrolling through all the other great projects posted by others until you see something that says "Add your Link" or "You're Next!" Click on that, and follow the instructions. When you submit that, you should be redirected back to the link up party post and you should see your entry as the last one.

After you post, be sure to make your rounds, visiting with the others and pinning some of your favorite projects to Pintrest. Well, you don't have to do that, but that's what I do :) I also make sure to send a little love in the form of comments here and there to the projects I love.

I contributed to a number of these link up parties today, and in the process learned that there are parties for every day of the week! I've never been a big partier, but I'm pretty sure I could handle a couple of these a week:)

In case you're interested in which link up parties I crashed today check out my new Link Up Party page!

And, because I wouldn't feel right posting without at least a peek at what I've been creating I'm going to leave you with a teaser of what's soon to come: Painted Utensils! I'll have all the details on how to duplicate this project, what works and what doesn't so visit again soon!

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Creative Raisins said...

Thank you for the information I am like you and had no idea what a link up party was.

Sarah M. said...

I'm glad I wasn't alone in that boat! I feel like I learn something new about this blog thing every day:)

Beth said...

Thanks for the great post. Also thanks for linking me to your pintrest...I had NO idea about those! :) Something to look into! Visit again! I am a new follower of your blog!

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