Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{D.I.Y.O.D. Wedding Wednesday} River Rocks

Wanna hear a little known fact about me? Once I tell you you'll all graduate to BFF status because only my closest of friends know this about me. Ok, here it goes... I LOVE rocks! Phew! That was tough! Yes,folks, rocks. I have an insane collection of rocks, including tumbled gemstones, polished river rocks, etc. I'll pick up a pretty rock on a walk, or at the beach, I'll even buy them if I see pretty ones in gift shops. That's right folks, I'm that person they keep those huge displays of tumbled gemstones in tourist trap gift shops for. I probably own about 50 pounds of rocks, which I kick around from one decorative display to another, so imagine my thrill when I realized it's acceptable to use these beautiful earthen artifacts in a wedding! Why do I find all of these great ideas AFTER my wedding?

Try it Like This:

1) Rock Guest Book 2) Aisle Runner 3) Escort Cards 4) Table Decor
Where to Buy

I generally try not to feature the same seller twice, but this seller just has some of the coolest things! ThePaperyNook was originally featured for her vellum luminaries, but I'm featuring her here again because she also offers river rock guest books and escort cards. I encourage you to browse her shop!


Ashley said...

o i love these!

screendoorgirl3 said...

I, too, love rocks, Sarah! They're an easy way to keep a souvenir from a hike, or to write a word on. I have a collection, and I can tell you where I got each one.I also like the way they feel in my hand!... Jodi (Screendoorgirl 3 on Pinterest)

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