Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Paper. DIGITAL Paper!?!

This is a "Quote Tag" I made with "digital" paper. How awesome is that?!
Last week I shared with you all my very first "paper project." My birthday banner was the beginning of what I fear will be a very long and healthy relationship with the paper medium. I'm super excited about exploring this mostly unknown world, and have spent the past week or so digging around the web for paper inspiration.

I'll be honest with you, I'm not really interested in the whole "scrapbooking" thing. I mean, I like to print a picture here and there, but I haven't looked at the photo albums I currently own in years, so I can't see myself dedicating a whole lot of time to making them any prettier. However, I LOVE paper, and I empathize with the general love for crafting so I "get it." That being said, I'm AMAZED at this huge world of Scrapbooking that has developed and all the cool toys you guys have! You Paper Peeps have machines called Cricuts, which cut paper in all sorts of shapes (provided you pay through the nose for the necessary software), hardware attachments like the Gypsy that allow you to scrapbook without picking up a piece of paper, website upon website of clipart, paper punches, markers, various embellishments, etc. But perhaps my favorite find, the discovery that had me thinking perhaps I'd lost my ever-crafting mind, was digital paper. Digital. Paper. What?! Possibly the best kept secret EVER!

Apparently the graphic and digitally inclined have decided that it's much more efficient, earth friendly, and cost effective to create paper graphics as digital images and let people print them off from their own printer. Over and over and over again. BRILLIANT!! I just wish someone had told me about this a week ago before I managed to acquire a small library (of Congress) full of pretty papers :) Here's what I've learned so far.

How to Make
1) Print on a good card stock, or matted photo paper.
2) It appears any photo editing software will print these things. I use Picasa and it works awesome.
That's it...Give me a break. I didn't say I'd learned much. 
As for creating digital papers, I have no idea. Yet. But there are a bunch of great sites out there claiming that they can teach me how. One of these sites is Scrapgirls.com. I've also read a couple things on scrapbooking.lovetoknowhow.com. I'm a long way off from taking the time to develop my own papers, so in the mean time, I'm going to take advantage of some of the amazing designers I've come across!

Where to Buy
So far, my favorites include:

A very large inventory of beautiful papers, as well as an entire website full of helpful information. 
Note that this shop is mostly just for personal use.

I couldn't love her designs any more than I already do. Her style is clean, fresh and fun with crisp vibrant colors. I have about 6 of her products in my cart already, and they're buy 2 get 1 free!! Added bonus (as if that wasn't enough) most of her items are for personal and corporate use!!

This new Etsy seller has some great designs! Fun patterns, great colors, and a GREAT promotion going on for the first 25 customers. Hurry though, only 5 deals left! (There were 6, but I fixed that:)

I'll be sure to keep you guys up to speed on my paper adventures, but in the mean time, would you guys mind helping me along? If there are any other awesome details (like digital paper for example) that I just have to know, please share!

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