Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just "Don't!": TROHV

There is no denying that I look at the majority of things and think "I could make that," but, every once in awhile, us crafters have to reluctantly toss aside that instinct to D.I.Y. and just Don't!. This is actually how the D.I.Y. or Don't! concept came to life! While planning my wedding and creating a loooong list of all the stuff I wanted to create for the wedding, there came a point when I realized it wasn't all possible and I needed to pick. But how do you decide what personal touches you want to leave out? I couldn't! So, I became best friends with Etsy and realized that I Don't! have to do everything myself but that I could rely on others in the crafting community to chip in. I even realized that often times they were even better at it than I would have been!

This new blog series "Just Don't!" is an opportunity for me to share with you vendors I've come across that make it worth turning off that urge to D.I.Y. The truth is, sometimes awesomeness doesn't need to be recreated, it can just be enjoyed... and purchased!

My first featured vendor is TROHV. It's probably not the best vendor to start out with because they don't have their online store set up yet and they're local to me, not the majority of you, but they are what inspired the series, so I figure it only fair. This home store opened up just a couple miles from me in the middle of Takoma Park, MD. I've been peering through their window for weeks now (my attention first caught by the plethora of paper accordion circles in yellow and gray hanging in their window) and I'm swooning over their style.

TROHV makes my crafting and nesting urges go into overdrive! With a bunch on locally crafted items scattered in with new and vintage goods, it's like Restoration Hardware meets Flea Market/Craft Fair. I LOVE IT! This location is their second, the first having opened in Baltimore, MD. I urge you to visit their site, and keep an eye out for their online shop because it's guaranteed to be amazing!! Here's a sample of their inventory:

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