Friday, May 20, 2011

{Do It Like a Pro} Pom-Poms!

As a special treat for all of you today, I reached out to one of the most successful pom makers on Etsy to see if she had any secrets of success to creating great Poms. I wasn't disappointed with her response, and you won't be either! Kirsten from PomLove graciously responded with the following:

My trick would be "don't skimp on paper"... :) A lot of pom-making tutorials out there give the wrong instructions. 

Try to buy good quality tissue paper - the thicker the better - preferable 20x30". For large poms, use 12 sheets - no less, otherwise your pom will not look very full. 

When folding accordion-style, make the folds no thinner than 2.5 inches - this will make your petals look bigger and more flower-like - adding to the overall fullness of the pom.

Who knew?! I must have read about 16 different tutorials and none of them mentioned any of these great tips! Even Martha Stewart called for only 8 sheets and 1.5" folds! A great big "Thank You!" to Kirsten for sharing these great secrets with us; they will for sure take my pom creations to a whole new level!

Should you be a lover of poms, but not a maker of poms check out PomLove's shop! Her wonderful store is just FULL of poms in all sorts of colors and sizes!

Happy Pom Making!
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