Monday, May 16, 2011

{Do It Like a Pro Tip} Painting Rugs

There was quite a bit of interest expressed for the painted rug tutorial I posted the other day, which I think is great because it was an awesome project! It got me thinking. The little wheels started turning and the bulbs flickered on and off and in the end, I had this idea for a new blog series entitled "Do It Like A Pro." The goal for the series would be to reach out to experienced crafters (those who've demonstrated themselves good enough to actually sell something) and ask them to provide a tip or a "secret of the trade" for those of us who like to absorb random best practices. As a test I reached out to the seller I featured in the painted rug post, RumbleInc, and asked if she would be willing to be the first to participate. She agreed!

Janet Rumble shared the following:

My trick of the trade in designing floorcloths is to skip the gesso.

Typically, floorcloth designers prime a heavyweight canvas with one or two coats of artist's gesso before applying base coats of paint. As I understand it, the gesso is meant to soak into and bind the fabric, which creates a smoother surface that allows paints and brushes to move along with ease.

This is all well and good for a painted canvas you do not walk upon. However, floorcloths must stand up to a great deal of wear and tear, and I find that it helps to skip the gesso and go right to painting the base coats. This way, the background color is drawn into the fabric—instead of sitting on top of the gesso—and this makes my floorcloths more resistant to cracks and chips.

How awesome is that?! What a great tip! Janet is an experienced designer and architect so if you have any follow up questions or are in the market for a custom rug, feel free to reach out to her on her Etsy store. Here are a couple examples of her great work:

Thank you Janet for sharing that "Do It Like A Pro" tip with us!

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