Saturday, April 16, 2011

For the love of all things...

If you think about it, the word "Love" is such a wonderfully versatile word. I say it probably 100 times a day. "Oh, I love that/him/her!" or "I would love it if..." or "Don't you love it when...?" Then of course there is the many "I love you" and "I love you too's" that occur in a given day. The word can depict a state of passion, great happiness, affection or contentedness so I count myself lucky to have so many things/people in my life that can be tagged with the word "love."

A longtime favorite phrase of mine is "Do what you love, love what you do." It's my go-to phrase when I'm stuck in a situation where I'm trying to make a tough decision. So, when trying to decide what I wanted to share with you all on this little blog of mine I asked myself, "What do I love?" Aside from my friends, family, pets and job my list of "loves" turned out to be fairly short and simple. I love nature, food, and crafts. From there it was simple. I've decided to "do what I love" by "sharing what I love."

The goal is this: share fun ideas/projects that are accompanied by easy to follow and print instructions on how to replicate the project, information on where to buy the materials necessary to execute the project, AND whenever possible, provide at least one option on where to buy the finished product should you find that you love the project but don't want to make the item yourself.

As my first expression of love I'd like to share with you my love for mason jars.
Photo courtesy of Weddingbee
"Vintage" Blue Mason Jars
Perhaps the most sought-after type of mason jar, the precious vintage blue jars usually carry a hefty price tag. Luckily there are creative souls out there that have developed easy and fun ways of transforming new (less expensive) mason jars into beautiful blue replicas.
This project was created by Heather from Like a Cup of Tea. I found a number of DIY methods of creating your own blue jars, but I liked the results from this one the best.

Materials Needed:
Newspaper or cardboard for protecting workspace
Mason Jars
Mod Podge
Blue Food Coloring
Container for mixing dye (will stain so pick something you’re not concerned about ruining)

1. Put down newspaper or cardboard to protect your workspace (You’ll be turning the jars over to drain and won’t want to stain your surface).
2. Get your mason jars and pour about an 1/4 to 1/2 of a cup of Luster Mod Podge into one of them.
3. In your container put in about two teaspoons of water. Add desired food coloring and mix well until dissolved.
4. Pour into Mod Podge and mix well.
5. Swirl until completely coated and then pour into your next jar.
6. Repeat on all jars. Once completed and drained well, turn upside down on to the newspaper or cardboard you’ve lined your workspace with so you don’t end up with a puddle in the bottom.
Photo courtesy of Likeacupoftea
7. Once fully drained, place jars in the cold oven upside down and heat to the lowest setting. This will reduce chance of breakage. Bake for about 20 minutes to set the MP mixture. As long as your MP mixture was thick enough, you should turn out with a nice evenly coated jar. If you’re cautious, let them dry about 50% and then place in the oven.
8. When you remove them from the oven, turn them right side up to dry or they will stick to your draining surface.
Photo courtesy of Likeacupoftea
Where to Buy:
I wasn't able to find anyone that is out there selling these blue mason reproductions, but should you like to buy the genuine vintage blue jars I recommend Etsy.

Notes about this project:
-Please do not use the finished product for the consumption of food or drink. Once you've colored your jars, they are no longer suitable for food or beverage contact.
-I encourage you to stretch your creativity by trying colors other than blue! Try pink, green, purple, etc. They even have some neat neon colored food dye out there that could make for a great twist!

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