Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Earth Day Dare #7

In my brainstorming of the final Earth Day Dare I had about 100 different ideas. It took me FOREVER to narrow it down, which is why I'm running a bit late today, but I think this one will be a hit. That is, unless others aren't as obsessed with burlap as I am. But who doesn't like burlap?

I currently have a burlap bag that once held a couple pounds of rice that's begging me to make a decision as to what it's next incarnation will be. Here are a couple of my favorite options:
1) Looking to bring a little rustic flair into your living space? Burlap pillows would be the perfect accessory! These crafty pillows were a flattering replication of some pillows Mrs DIY found in a Ballard Designs catalog. The end product was clearly a huge success and she documented the process here. 

2) On Earth Day Dare #5 I posted a neat idea for a coffee cozie, but if you're interested in keeping that beer cold, this is the project for you. Strictly Homemade posted this great idea as a way to utilize all the wedding cozie's people might have lying around, but I think this would be a great idea for making wedding cozies! Her easy diy instructions are on her blog here.

3) I have found that the quickest way to change the look in your dining room is to change up the table presentation...which is why I currently own about five tablecloths and three sets of place mats. These quick and easy placemats may soon be set number four. This project, which I found on the Pickles and Cheese blog, couldn't be easier, so check out the instructions here.

4) Of all the burlap bag diy projects out there, this one is by far my favorite. La Maison Reid developed these great step by step instructions on exactly how to make this stylish bag. 

Where to Buy:

Buy #1: Burlap pillows are in no short supply, but I found a seller who stands apart from the rest. BrinandNohl go above and beyond the others in their effort to use recycled burlap and their end products are fantastic. Browse their pillows, as well as their recycled baskets in the shop here

Buy #2: Sorry guys, I came up short on a seller for these cozie's. Though I was able to find someone making burlap coffee cozies, so perhaps you could special order them from Fabricattic.

Buy #3: If you're not into quickly making a few of these placemats for yourself, HarrietsHaven has the perfect option. Her store, which you can browse here, has plenty of placemats to browse will all sorts of patterns. 

Buy #4: I am so excited to share this seller with you! DC Bag Designs makes super cool bags in all sorts of different patterns that come from the recycled coffee burlap bags that they use. Even if you don't want one, you'll want to browse her shop. Click here!

In closing, I'd like to express how much fun this has been! The process of the Earth Dare series has produced a lot of great ideas for me and all of your support has been a real motivator for me. I thank you all for your support and I hope you'll continue to visit as I branch out in to new and varied crafting topics.

Craft on my friends!


La Maison Reid said...

I'm so glad you like the chocolate burlap bag! It was fun to make and I so many people have enjoyed making it themselves! I never dreamed it would be so popular! You displayed a nice selection of all things burlap which I'm quite in love with. Thanks! Oh...I put your button on my sidebar!

Sarah M. said...

Thanks Nancy! I do love this bag, but perhaps the best part of it was that I found your blog in the process! You have such great ideas! Thank you for your returned support by posting my button, as a new member of the blog community I appreciate the exposure :)

I look forward to following your future projects:)


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