Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Earth Day Dare #6

An Earth Day series about reusing common household goods wouldn't be complete without at least a couple ideas on how to reuse cans! I used fabric covered cans with a bit of twine as hanging flower pots to line the aisle at my wedding, but it appears the possibilities are endless. I have listed here some of my favorites, so start saving those soup cans!
1) Would you believe these fun wood-grain planters are left over dinner, wrapping paper and shellac?! Apartment Therapy posted instructions here on how you too can make these chic little planters.

2) Like tuna? Do any sewing? Then you should have the tools to make this great pin cushion. I see this as the perfect rainy day project for some bored miniature crafters. I, personally, like to use the arm of my couch as a pin cushion, but hubby doesn't really appreciate it so I'm thinking of taking advantage of these instructions from The Dollar Store Crafts on how to make one of my very own.

3) Considering my love affair with mason jars, I'm not in need of any canisters for my pens and scissors, but if I was, I'd be all over these cute cans! This project was created by The Long Thread and this, along with a couple other can covering ideas, are located here. Don't sew? No worries! They also have instructions on how to create a similar project using card stock. 

4) I. Love. These. Luminaries!! Originally posted on 100 Layer Cake  the easy step by step instructions include use of a power tool, which makes this project even better. You can find the instructions on how to make your own recycled night lights here but don't stop at table numbers, sky's the limit!

Where to Buy:

NHWoodscreationsBuy #1: If you love these recycled faux-wood grain canisters you're going to LOVE these real birch wood covered recycled canisters made by NHWoodsCreations! With an offering of many different sizes and styles, you can find a canister for whatever your needs in their great shop here.
RavenscroftStudioBuy #2: If you thought the above pin cushion was cool, you haven't seen the pin cushions offered by Ravenscroft Studio! Though her can of choice is a cat food can, you'll never know that is what's inside these awesome recycled cushions.
artsymomma2Buy #3: If you have use for a nice fabric covered can and are fresh out of soup, don't fear! Artsymomma2 has a couple of great options in her shop here.
KrackleWoodsBuy #4: If you thought the table number idea was fun, you're going to love the options offered by KrackleWoods, but you'll have to move fast because there's only one left! Snag this recycled treat here.  
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