Sunday, April 24, 2011

Earth Day Dare #4

How blessed are we to have received such beautiful weather on this glorious Easter Day?! After a week of rain and dreariness this sunny respite has me dreaming of plush green trees, chirping birds and gardens. A matter of fact, 'tis the season to be getting those gardens started! Which means you're in luck, because for Earth Day Dare #4 I've provided four fun and useful garden related re-purposing ideas.

1) If you're like me and don't live in a house, or a location where a traditional garden is possible, you've been bound to the world of pots, which honestly take up way more floor space than I care to part with on my already too-small terrace. This little project takes a pallet and turns it into a vertical planter. How cool is that?! The idea was developed by a master gardener named Fern Richardson and it's only one of many ingenious container gardening ideas that she share on her blog Life on the Balcony. You can find instructions on her pallet planter here.

2) Speaking of planters, #2 isn't just another tired old planter idea. Get it? TIREd? I couldn't resist. While these little planters would look silly on my little patio, they would look great on the bare side of a house or, like they have here, on the side of a garage. This project comes to us via Recaptured Charm and though I am certain, being the intelligent individuals that you are, you don't need step by step instructions, you can find them here should you need them.

3) This little idea comes directly from my kitchen. I have a keurig, and while I love it's convenience, I hate the waste, so I started saving them. At first I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them (other than annoy my husband), but early last year it dawned on me that they would make perfect little seed planters! Used pods already have a little hole at the bottom of the cup, which is perfect for drainage, so I just clean out the pods, fill them with soil, put in the little seeds, stick the pods in a 11 x 7 rectangular pan and set it in the window. Et Viola! A couple weeks later I've got little seedlings ready for planting.

I thought for sure there would be at least one person on the internet that had had this same idea and had taken pictures of their finished product, but they hadn't and I don't have any sprouting seedings yet so, please excuse the generic photo above.

4) These beautiful re-purposed vintage spoons have definitely gone viral and you've possibly seen them a couple times over now, but I couldn't leave them out of this garden inspired post. They're just too pretty! Crafting a Green World has posted a simple and sweet tutorial on how to make these garden accents and it can be found here.

Where to Buy:
Buy #1: Again, I remind you that the purpose of the Earth Day posts are not to buy, but to reuse, still there are options available for those that want to have someone else reuse for you. I've found a brand new seller on Etsy that re-purposes pallets into planters, though they're different than the one I've shared here. You can find Brittford's shop here.

Buy #2: Old tires are probably dirt cheap if you're willing to trek out to a junk yard or negotiate with the auto body shop down the road, but if you're looking for something a bit, I've found a seller who makes awesome hanging tire planters in the shape of toucan's and parrots! RecycledCreationsLLC has figured out how to work magic with old tires! Check them out here.

Buy #3: Unfortunately, you guys are on your own with this one. If you're starting seedlings and don't have a keurig, I encourage you to use egg shells, or an egg carton, or even cut up paper towel rolls!

Buy #4: If you're looking to buy some beautiful vintage silver spoon markets for your garden, you need to see the Hammerman. With a shop full of beautiful spoons with all sorts of herb labels, you're bound to find what you're looking for, and if you don't, message him! Browse his goodies here. 

It's my hope that this post will inspire you to look around the kitchen, garage, or cutlery drawer and think green. If you come up with any great ideas that you'd like to share, visit the "Submit Your Project" page and tell me about it. Now, go forth and garden!
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