Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day Dare #3

Raise your hand if you have old towels and sheets kicking around your linen closet. Now put your hand back down, you look silly. Today's Earth Day Dare has some fantastic ideas on how to upcycle old towels, tired old sheets, T-shirts you no longer wear and random socks you can't find the matches to. These ideas are so fun, and so simple, you'll wonder why you hadn't tried them ages ago!
1) Take a look at these cute little pots. Now look closer. These pots have been adorned with last seasons patterned socks! When's the last time you saw anything this adorable?! Labeled the "Orphan Sock" project, this fun idea is from the Orla Kiely and was featured on Everyday Mag.

2) This chic little bathmat may look like it would cost $30, but it's made from old towels and gridded mat. Designer Michelle Kaufmann came up with this great little project and has kindly provided a printable PDF here.

3) How soft does this rug look? Would you believe that it's made of old white T-shirts? I love this project, I can totally see this in the middle of my living room floor. Don't have any old T-shirts? Try using old jersey sheets. You can find detailed instructions on how to replicate this project here.

4) You've seen this pillow before right? They're all over the shelves right now, but this one is special... it's made from a T-shirt! What a great idea!! I have about three old t-shirts that will meet this fate. You can find the to-do for this fun project on Floral Shower Crafts site here. 

Where to Buy:
Buy #1: While there doesn't appear to be anyone out there selling single used socks, I recommend the sock site for some fun knee sock options. The terra cotta pots are available at your local hardware store or

Buy #2: West Elm sells some beautiful recycled rugs that look very similar to these diy rugs. For $29 you can take home one of these great rugs here.

Buy #3: This recycled rug can be found from a bunch of mainstream vendors but I found a great shop on Etsy you may want to check out. TrilliumsArtisans, based out of Portland Oregon, makes rugs in different shapes, colors and sizes. Check out their awesome collection here.

Buy #4:  If you're fresh out of old T-shirts and want to purchase these beautiful pillows, I have the shop for you. TheHomeCentric has more pillows in more colors with more ruffles than you could dream of, so good luck choosing! You can find their beautiful shop here.

So there you are folks, four great reasons why you'll never have to toss out another item from your linen closet. And who knows? You might be asking friends and family to donate theirs!
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