Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Dare #2

As I sit here, about to share Earth Day Dare #2 with you, I am working on adding a seventh empty wine bottle to my growing collection; which is PERFECT because after scouring the sites of the web's craftiest minds, I can barely keep myself from breaking out the bottle cutter right now! You guys are going to love this!

1 & 3) I'm lumping these two beautiful examples of wine bottle re-purposing because they are both examples of "simple" bottle cutting. Picture 1 is an example of some beautiful flower vases and picture 3 is a trio of super cute water glasses that have been sandblasted to add a unique design to them. For complete instructions and more great photos on cutting and sandblasting see this ingenious tutorial from Plastolux on Curbly here.

2) These amazing wine bottle hanging lights will not be easy to reproduce but there will come a day when I attempt to duplicate these beautiful pieces of art. Though I was unable to find diy instructions online, I'm guessing it will require a bottle cutter, gorilla glue (because that stuff is A-MAZing), frosting spray, a socket cord set and a perfectionist's patience. I'm totally game.

4) These pretty little bottles were used as bud vases at my wedding. We used large water bottles, hot glue, cotton fabric in our wedding colors and ribbon. Each one was unique and it added both color and height to the tables.

5) How cool are these little wine bottle oil lamps?! With summer around the corner, I'm in danger of having my HOA start writing me nasty letters for installing a bunch of these on our terrace. In. Love! And what's even better is that the creater Erik put together a great step by step guide on how to duplicate the project here.

Where to Buy:
Buy #1: Perhaps my favorite part about this post is the ability to share with you one of the coolest sellers on Etsy. Bottlehood, a maker of these great bottle vases, has a great story. Based out of San Diego, CA they realized that restaurants use a lot of bottles and they decided to capitalize on it. One man's trash is another man's treasure! They have a great shop full of bottle related goodies. Even if you're not interested in buying, you must check them out here.

Buy #2: You won't find these pretty lights on Etsy, but the artist is selling his work. Jerry Knot can be reached at his website here, be prepared to spend at least $130 for the small ones and over $400 for the big ones.

Buy #3: I love these little glasses. Aside from being beautiful, I'm guessing they're damn near impossible to break, which in my house is a major plus. Julie Neatherlin has a great little shop on Etsy where she's selling these upcycled pieces at $30 for 4. You can find her shop here.

Buy #4: Not surprisingly, I was unable to find any sellers of fabric and ribbon covered wine bottles. If you're looking to acquire these pretty little bud vases you have two options: make them yourself, or message me. I've got lots of practice:)

Buy #5: In my search for someone who sells these awesome wine bottle oil lamps I stumbled across a seller who not only sells kits for them, but takes the whole concept to the next level with indoor versions. You have to check out this store. Shaw Kopp shares his goods here.

So, my friends, in closing of day two of the Earth Day Dare I leave you with two words: Drink up!
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