Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day Dare #1

So, for those of you who don't already know, today is Earth Day! Yay! Go Green! Personally, I think it's lame that we have to give Earth a day in order for people to help people remember the importance of taking care of this habitat we're borrowing from future generations. I mean, a day? One freaking day?!? French Fries have a day (July 13th), Underwear have a day (August 5th), even Hats have a day (January 15th). I'm baffled that something as significant and, well, AMAZING as the Earth is dedicated only 24 hours while "poetry" gets the whole month of April. Seriously? Poetry month?! So, in protest of Earth "Day," I'm giving the Earth a WEEK on my blog in hopes that something I share may inspire some sustainably crafty love that will last forever. Or at least longer than it would have if you just threw the items out.

Each day for the next 7 day's I'll challenge you to stop short of throwing out common household items and to give them new life by using them to create beautiful and/or useful crafts. You don't have to do them all, just pick one, or better yet, use them as inspiration to dream up one of your own!

Today, for Earth Day Dare #1, I'm daring you all to refrain from throwing out those newspapers and books that you've been kicking around and instead, breathe new life into them with some of the following crafty ideas.

1) This adorable little gift bag idea was developed by Jessica Jones, a talented graphic and textile designer. She laid out super easy to follow instructions on her web page here. I can't wait to put together a bunch of these and set them aside for gift giving season!

2) These wonderfully romantic wall flowers made from vintage music sheets was inspired by Merriment Events in Richmond, VA for a wedding they organized. They didn't include instructions but it looks simple enough. For each flower cut out 6 pointed ellipses of the same size and glue them together at the bottom. Make many of them of varying different sizes and you have a wonderful focal point for any large empty wall!

3) This wreath is perhaps one of my favorite projects yet. I love how casual yet elegant it looks! A fellow crafter by the name of Lindsay came up with this project after seeing something similar at a garage sale. She laid out wonderfully detailed instructions on her site here. I must make one of these, maybe two.

4) These beautiful little flowers would be perfect adornments to gifts, ornaments on a tree, or scattered about on a table for a special event. For instructions on how to make these, along with a bunch of other little crafts made from book pages, visit Alisa Burke's page here.

Where to Buy
An important part of this blog for me is to provide an option for those that "don't" want to craft the projects. Although the  purpose of this particular entry is to not buy something new but to reuse what you have, I feel it necessary to stick to my mission.

Buy #1: I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to find someone selling gift bags made from old newspapers, but I was wrong. Mindimade has a nice little shop on Etsy selling these crafty little bags $10 for 2. You can find them here.

Buy #2: For those of you who don't have any sheet music laying around, there is luckily a paper folding ninja (danamazing) on Etsy who makes delicate, beautiful little flowers like the ones above. You can browse her stock here.

Buy #3: Those beautiful little wreaths are currently being made and sold by prettygraybench on Etsy for $30 each. You can find the listings here.

Buy #4: Though not identical to the ones in the picture above, thepapergirl on Etsy has a variety of different paper flowers for use as anything from centerpieces to boutinnerres at a wedding. Pick your favorite here.

So what do you think? Will you ever look at a book the same way again?!


Lyssa said...

Wow thank you so much for the feature for my shop! I will pass this earth week along!
ps you rock!

House Revivals said...

These are all great ideas! I'm a huge fan of re-purposing items and diverting them from the landfills!

Sarah M. said...

Lyssa, it was my pleasure! Eco-sensitive crafter's deserve extra props:)

Amanda, thank you for your kind words and for visiting the site. I'll be sure to pop over to House Revivals for some tips as the hubby and I have been "freshening" up our humble abode. Be sure to visit again soon!

susane said...

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