Monday, April 18, 2011

Crafts and Cocktails

Those of you who know me well enough to be updated on my current events know that my free time as of recently has been consumed by refinishing our recently purchased home. In the last couple of months we've added a new tile back-splash to the kitchen, repainted the common areas, and replaced some of the furniture that had survived both a kitty who loves to claw and a puppy that loves to chew. When we purchased the new sofa, the salesman kindly threw in two lovely new lamps, both adorned with perfectly ugly gold lampshades.

Initially I attempted to swap out the outdated shades with the ones from the old lamps, but they were too small 't and looked ridiculous. As far as I was concerned, that left me with only 1 option: Crafts and Cocktails.

Looking through what I affectionately refer to as my "Hobby Closet" I searched for inspiration on how to freshen up these shades. I had twine, a bunch of paint, tons of fabrics and about 15 spools of ribbon. One of those spools of ribbon was a white satin that I had purchased for my wedding and ever ended up using. And there was tons of it. Bingo.

I had my "craft", so I gathered the few items I would need to complete the project and then headed to the kitchen for my "cocktail". It didn't take long for me to decide what I was in the mood for. It's my experience that everyone has a go-to item on the bar. Some have their favorite scotch, a brand of vodka, a cordial, etc. I, being the connoisseur (a.k.a. snobby, pretentious bar snot) that I am, love St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur. I put that sh*t in everything. Well, not really, but it does make for a stellar addition to margaritas and martinis!

What followed was a damn fine martini, 2 blistered fingers, many versions of known, and unknown swear words and a classy new lampshade even my oblivious husband complimented. I've included both my beverage recipe and the project instructions here. Cheers!

Elderflower Martini

Materials Needed:
-2 oz. St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur
-1.5 oz Pear vodka
-.25 oz Lemon Juice
-1 Martini Glass
-1 Shaker

1. Fill the shaker with ice
2. Add all liquid ingredients
3. Shake, with vigor.
4. Strain into martini glass
5. Drink and repeat.

D.I.Y Ribbon Lampshades

Lampshade Before
Makes: 1 lampshade, 2 blistered fingers
Time: 1.5 hours (2 with martini)

Materials Needed:
-A lampshade
-Hot glue gun with extra glue sticks-Ribbon. Lots and lots of ribbon.

1. Pick a spot on the lamp to start. I recommend gluing the first piece just inside the top of the lamp, pulling the ribbon straight down and cutting it just slightly beyond the bottom of the shade. Glue the end of the ribbon under and inside the bottom of the shade.

2. Repeat step 1. Over and over again. If you have a cone shaped lamp shade like I did you’ll notice that the ribbon doesn’t stay straight for long, as you have to angle the ribbon from the top in order to cover an equal amount of the shade at the bottom. That’s OK! Try creating different patterns, or even using ribbons with different thicknesses and colors.

3. When you get bored, run out of ribbon, or cover the entire lamp, stop gluing. Screw the thing back on the lamp base, and enjoy…the rest of your martini.

Where to Buy:
I found a wonderful seller on Etsy by the name of Isabel Stanley. Her shades are bright and beautiful. Far more exciting than my simple white shade, though in my defense, I wanted to add color but hubby made me stop. "Put down the gun...the glue gun," were his exact words I believe.

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